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My 5 Year Old Daughter’s Homage to “The Secret World of Arrietty” #WW #WordlessWednesday

We attended a screening of The Secret World of Arrietty last weekend and my daughter has since been trying to dress like and act like Arrietty.   Today she wore a chip clip in her hair (to school!) which shows that my usually timid and quiet baby is trying to be brave and adventerous, like Arrietty!

Way to go Madelyn! I’m so proud of you!

The Secret World of Arrietty

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Alicia Hagan, Editor

Wordless Wednesday: How my 5 Year Old Calmed My Panic Attack Yesterday #WordlessWednesday #WW

Wordless Wednesday


I’ve got a lot going on right now.. like most parents and small business owners do, and I had a full on panic attack yesterday.  My blood pressure skyrocketed, my pulse was racing at over 110 bpm for hours and I didn’t know whether a green light meant stop or go for a little while there.  Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving.

Yesterday evening, the kids and I were at my mother’s house while I was in full on panic mode and I stepped outside to find my 5 year old daughter gracefully pulling seeds off of a butterfly weed my mother had given her to play with.  She spent about 30 minutes plucking the seeds off of this butterfly weed then she took them one by one to a spot in my mom’s yard and gently blew the seed off her hand.  It really was the most beautiful thing.

Just watching her do this for 30 minutes (I usually don’t sit still for that long) lowered my bp and pulse considerably and while I was thinking of 5 million things I ‘should have been doing’, I am so glad I just sat there with her and enjoyed the moment.

Alicia Hagan, Editor

Wordless Wednesday – My 5 Year Old’s “Letter to a Hero”

When my 5 year old came home from school one day last week, I asked her what she wanted to do and she said “mom, I want to write a letter to a hero”. Then she asked for help writing some words.  I was writing an email at the same time so I wasn’t really thinking about what she was writing.   When I saw the and read the finished product I teared up.  I was so proud of my daughter.

Since she wrote this letter and drew and colored this picture, she said she wants to write 50 more and send them to soldiers.

The letter says:

“Dear Hero

Thank you for taking care of my family and me.

Love Madelyn”

Wordless Wednesday - 5 Year Old Letter to Hero's
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Alicia Hagan, Editor