Southern Families Enjoy Cruise Vacations from these 5 Carnival Ports
Southern Families Can Enjoy a Cruise Vacation from these 5 Driving-Distance Carnival Cruise Ports

Southern Families Can Enjoy a Cruise Vacation from these 5 Driving-Distance Carnival Cruise Ports

by Alicia in Travel

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Families in the south east can enjoy a cruise vacation without paying for flight tickets to get to a departure port!

Here is your complete guide to Carnival Cruise Line departure ports within driving distance of almost any state in the south east.

Have you always wanted to take your kids on a cruise but the thought of paying for cruise tickets AND plane tickets, to fly to the departure port, gives you anxiety?  We understand.

Just look at this… wouldn’t you LOVE for your kids to see this view, to have the opportunity to learn about the history of Cozumel and Falmouth, or snorkel in Grand Cayman, or even just enjoy the on-board entertainment including water slides, dive-in movies, ropes courses, more?

Parents want to expose their kids to fun and educational travel experiences but often stop planning a vacation once they start adding up the numbers. If you could take your kids on a vacation where you’ll visit several countries or areas of the world, and not have to buy flight tickets, wouldn’t you? Carnival Cruise Line, founded in 1972 and headquartered in Miami, Florida, allows families just that.

Carnival Cruise to Cozumel

With dozens of cruises departing from ports within driving distance of Atlanta, there is a cruise for every family. The following port locations, all within a four to ten hour drive from Atlanta, offer Atlanta families a door to parts of the world they might not visit otherwise.

See all the driving-distance Carnival Cruise Line ports and learn more about the cruise vacations your family can take with Carnival here.

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