VTech VM312 baby video monitor

The VTech VM312: The Whole Family Video Monitor System

Every parent needs a little help watching children on occasion. You may think an audio only baby monitor works perfectly for you, but picture this:

You’re up to your elbows in suds, when you hear an odd sound in your child’s room. You have to take a peek. Naturally, your dishtowel is nowhere to be found. You rush across the house, dripping, wiping your hands on your pants. You find the noise was a pacifier falling out of the crib. It was a false alarm, except when you rushed to your baby’s rescue, you activated a musical hippo toy. It was so cute when Nana dropped it off. It isn’t so cute when it wakes baby up. It would’ve been a whole lot better if you could see inside baby’s room from the kitchen.

Maybe you could use a video baby monitor.

VTech VM312 baby video monitor

VTech electronics and educational toys are extremely popular. They have a great variety of advanced features and the quality manufacturing to keep them working.  My kids both played with VTech toys up to 14 years ago, we used VTech baby monitors when the kids were small and like many households, we had VTech phones for years.  The VTech VM312 monitor is no exception to the VTech quality rule. This is all the baby monitor you’ll ever need. The VM312 allows parents to monitor children from up to 1,000 feet away with high resolution color video and crisp audio. The built in intercom feature allows parents to comfort children even before they reach the room.

This video baby monitor isn’t just for watching infants. As your family grows, this video baby monitor can expand to a video monitoring and intercom system to help watch over all of your children.

You will be able to look in on your five-year-old from the laundry room when his dinosaurs attack a block tower instead of running to the rescue. You can also see if the ruckus disturbed his baby sister. The VTech VM312 will monitor up to four different cameras. Parents can choose to switch from one to another manually or set the receiver to “patrol” mode which will cycle from one camera to the next at seven second intervals.

At bedtime, or to conserve battery power, you can turn the monitor to sound only and the screen will wake when noise is detected. VM312 cameras feature automatic night vision for clear picture without leaving all the lights on. You can easily check on your seven-year-old after a bad dream and decide if you need to get up. You won’t stumble down the hall needlessly to find her asleep. . Know your children are safe. The VM312 baby monitor eliminates the need for nighttime ninja skills.



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