Makers Kit: Craft Projects for the Whole Family
Makers Kit: Craft Project Kits for the Whole Family

Makers Kit: Craft Projects for the Whole Family

by Alicia in Crafts

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Kids love to make things. Leave them in the dining room alone even for five minutes, and you’ll return to a tower built from chopsticks, napkins, and those coasters your mother-in-law gave you for Christmas last year. Why not channel that creativity into something productive and fun for the whole family?

Makerskit is a service offering everything a family will need to making interesting, fun crafts. With crafts as varied as a Mason Herb Garden Kit to a Dream Catcher Kit, there’s something for everyone regardless of age, gender, or interests. Each kit of Makers Craft craft projects kits contains all of the supplies and ingredients necessary to create the crafts, as well as a template of instructions showing how.

Dinosaur Terrarium Grow Jar

Perhaps best of all, the kits are inexpensive. The Dinosaur Terrarium Glow Jar — a perfect choice for young boys fascinated with dinosaurs — is only $18. That means that when an accident happens (and with young children, they will) there’s nothing to worry about. The kit can easily be replaced and you can replicate the experience again, using the previous accident as a learning experience.

The creators of Makerskit also started the Give a Kit Campaign in partnership with the Pledge 1% organization. This means that each purchase of a MakersKit results in the donation of an art supply kit to a public school in your home state or country. If you want to make fun, family-friendly crafts with your kids and give to a charitable organization, order a MakersKit.

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