Bikes for kids learning to ride a bicycle

4 Kid’s Bikes for Kids Learning to Ride + 7 Bike Safety Tips

Learning to ride a bike is an essential part of childhood for most kids.  For some kids learning to ride a bike is a breeze and for others, like my second child, learning to ride a bike isn’t easy at all.   If there’s one thing I’ve learned when shopping for bikes for my kids, it’s that there are a lot of different bicycle options for kids.

Below are some great bicycle options for kids learning to ride a bike  along with tips on making the bike-riding experience fun and safe for kids.

Bikes for kids learning to ride a bicycle

1 – The Radio Flyer EZ Fold Stroll ‘N Trike is helpful for you and your toddler. It is designed to fold quickly and can be pushed with its unique handle. It also offers a canopy, 3-point harness, back seat and foot rest. It is made to accommodate kids at up to 5 years.
• $139 at Radio Flyer

2 – The Y-Volution YBike Balance Bike, available in blue, green, pink and orange, is made for kids aged 2 to 4 years. For those just starting out it offers a great way to learn balance and coordination. The wheels are designed to offer a large turning circle without falling and to reduce the chances of running over their feet.
• $58-79 on

3 – For a lightweight and portable option the Smart Gear Kid’s Wooden Balance Bike features its own carrying handle. It is made to assist in adapting to a 2-wheel bicycle.
• Approximately $75 on

4 – The durable Novara Firefly 12” Bike features removable training wheels, back pedal brakes and a full-length chain guard. For the adventurous biker the handlebar is made in a BMX style and comes with a bag and cheerful bell.
• $139 at REI and

Provide your child with the right bicycle for their age, height, and skill level, and they will get fresh air and exercise and possibly even make new friends to ride bikes with!

Safety Tips For New Bicycle Riders

  • Always wear a helmet: The first step to bicycle safety is to keep a helmet securely attached at all times to protect the head in the event of a fall or collision.  I point out to my kids that professional riders (bicycle, skateboard, etc) wear helmets and I think that helps them realize that ‘the cool kids wear a helmet’, even though some of their friends don’t.
  • Check your child’s bike for loose components: Before your child gets on their bike, make sure each part is securely bolted or screwed in place to prevent loosening that could result in accidents or injury.
  • Check the brakes: Before letting your child ride away, make sure the brakes work properly so he or she can quickly stop as necessary.
  • Check tires: Don’t forget to check your child’s bicycle tires for proper pressure. Tires that are too full or tight may suddenly burst while riding and those that are not fully inflated may affect your child’s ability to steer.
  • Wear bright clothes: Wearing bright clothes makes your child more noticeable to passing motorists.
  • Ride in a safe area: For kids learning to ride a bike, stability is key. Keep them in a flat open area preferably away from the road.
  • Learn hand signals: When your child must ride their bike on the street, knowing and using hand signals helps motorists know which way your child plans to take go to avoid guessing or accidents.

Enjoy the adventure that is teaching your child to ride a bike!

– Alicia



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