I Am A Sprint Ambassador! Let’s Celebrate With An HTC One Max Giveaway!
I Am A Sprint Ambassador! Let's Celebrate With An HTC One Max Giveaway!

I Am A Sprint Ambassador! Let’s Celebrate With A HTC One max Giveaway!

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If you are a regular reader of The Mommy Insider (and my gadget blog) you know how much I LOVE gadgets and technology.  I can’t get enough of the geniusness that is smartphones, tablets, streaming devices, and ereaders.   Many people point out that kids spend too much time on smartphones, tablets or watching tv but I know that it is a parent’s job to stay on top of how much time our kids spend on these devices and that they can be very beneficial to our children when used and monitored properly!   That being said, I am thrilled to announce that I am a Sprint Ambassador!  During that time I am going to share my experiences testing various Sprint devices and service options with you.

Everyday we rely on our cell carrier such as Sprint to get us information we need when we’re on the go.
Sprint mobile service

  • Our cell carrier gives us, including our kids, access to educational information that you and I would have had to search a 10 pound hard-back encyclopedia for when we were kids, even when we’re at ball practice at a field in the middle of nowhere.
  • Our cell carrier gives our kids access to educational games during long summer vacation road trips.
  • Our cell carrier helps us find the closest rest area when we’re on an unfamiliar highway and the kids really need to “go” using map apps.
  • Our cell carrier lets parents send a photo of our child’s band performance, during the performance, to family hundreds of miles away without wi-fi.
  • Our cell carrier lets us text our teen when we’re running late and need him to put dinner in the oven.

Kids and parents lead busy lives.  Our cell carrier provides us with data when wi-fi isn’t available such as when we’re on the road, at a ball game, or at our child’s school.  Cell carriers such as Sprint give us or our child access to the dictionary when our child needs to study vocabulary in the parking lot of her brother’s ball game, or when you’re at a store and you want to compare the price of a TV to the same one at an online store. These are just a couple of times we count on the data our cell carrier provides.

While cell carriers give us access to important data services, there has still been the issue of having the ability to call family and friends without breaking the bank.  Something that I and many consumers have had with cell carriers in the past has been that while customers can put their family on a family-plan, the carrier doesn’t extend family to those who the customer might call every day such as their mother, brother, friend, or co-worker.  The Sprint Framily Plan has changed the family-plan game.

What does Framily mean?

Framily =

Friends.  Family Members.  Co-Workers.  Soccer Team Coach.  You get it.

Sprint Framily Plan

With the Sprint Framily plan, you and up to 10 friends, family members, and even coworkers and parents from the soccer team can be a part of a Framily group with unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data each, while on the Sprint network.  Did you know that 1GB could get you 52 hours on Facebook, 11 TV episodes, over 40,000 email views, 12 hours of Skype, or over 100 hours of web surfing?  Nice, right?  If 1GB of data isn’t enough for you, you can always upgrade to 3GB or unlimited data while on a Sprint Framily plan.

Each of the members on the Framily plan receives a separate bill with no annual service contracts or early termination fees, all for as little as $25 a month per line when you have 7 – 10 members in the Framily group.

There are several people that I talk to regularly who are not in my immediate family and would be a great fit for a Sprint Framily plan such as my sister, my dad, and a few of my closest friends.

You might be saying to yourself.. but my friends aren’t with Sprint.

Under contract with another carrier? No worries!

You love saving money and having the latest gadgets, right? You’re in luck because for a limited time, new Sprint customers can bring their current cell number to Sprint and sign up for a Sprint Framily plan, receive up to $300 in credit for their current phone AND a Visa Prepaid Card worth up to $350 to cover those switching fees. This exclusive offer is available at Sprint stores and online at Sprint.com now through May 8th 2014.

To kick-off my #SprintMom Brand Ambassadorship, Sprint is giving an HTC one Max to one of my readers!

Sprint HTC One max giveaway

About The HTC One max Smartphone:

The HTC One max smartphone offers users a massive screen with a 5.9-inch display and amped speakers for watching videos or viewing pictures on the go. The feature-rich camera offers users the ability to take photos with a fun, artistic flair, and gives users news recommendations based on likes on social media, for breaking news that matters most to them.

  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600 processor
  • Massive 5.9 inch display
  • Amped speakers for watching videos
  • Feature-rich camera offers users the ability to take photos with a fun, artistic flair.
  • Camera also gives users news recommendations based on likes on social media, for breaking news that matters most to them.
  • HTC BlinkFeed™: Create your own automatic updating home screen.
  • Up to 40% faster battery charging.
  • Backside sensor panel unlocks the phone with the swipe of a finger.

Giveaway Terms:

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents ages 18 and older. Giveaway closes on May 4th at 10am EST. The winner has 24 hrs to respond via email. Due to time sensitivity, if winner does not respond within allotted time, another random winner may be chosen. The Mommy Insider is not responsible for the shipping and/or fulfillment of the prize.  Learn more about the HTC One max here.

Let’s get on with it!

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