Pivot Power Genius Makes Life Easier
Pivot Power Genius Makes Life Easier

Pivot Power Genius Makes Life Easier

by Alicia in 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, Gadgets, Technology

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Pivot Power GeniusThe Pivot Power Genius is a smart power strip outlet. Anything that’s plugged into two of the four outlets can be controlled through an app on your mobile device called Wink.  If you forgot to turn off the light in the bedroom, it can be done remotely from anywhere. You can even schedule when the light comes back on.

The Pivot Power Genius is a flexible device. Unlike the average power strip, the outlets on the Pivot are adjustable. Each outlet can be bent and pivoted, meaning it can be fit into pretty much any space without concern. You can also adjust, bend or curve each outlet to make room for those huge AC adapters that normally won’t fit alongside any other plug in a strip.

I use my Pivot Power Genius to turn our humidifier on and off in our bedroom each morning and night.  Before having the Pivot Power Genius I struggled to get out of bed because the humidifier provided such a relaxing sound, it was difficult to get out of bed.  Now, I open the Wink app on my iPhone and turn off the humidifier right from bed!

Pivot Power Genius

With the Wink app on your mobile device, you will have the capability to control two of the Pivot outlets remotely. You can make your television or lamp a smart device when it’s plugged into the Pivot Power Genius. You can save energy and worry knowing you can shut items off even if you’re out to dinner with friends. Or turn the lights on in the front room before you get out of the car.

  • The Pivot Power Genius has four adjustable AC outlets.
  • Utilizing the mobile app, it can control two devices plugged into the Power Genius.
  • You can program when those devices should shut off or on, either manually or by schedule.
  • The Pivot Power Genius will connect instantly to your phone over a Wi-Fi network.

The Pivot Power Genius is a product of Quirky, a company that designs products based on ideas submitted by their community of inventors. It’s a novel approach to innovation. The Pivot Power Genius was the brainchild of Jake Zien of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His idea for what would become the Power Genius had been gestating since high school. When he learned about Quirky, he submitted his proposal and the company accepted the idea, manufactured it and it has gone on to become the company’s best seller.

A great idea for a holiday gift, the Pivot Power Genius will change how families go about powering their lives!

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