3 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Outdoorsy Teen Boys
3 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Outdoorsy Teen Boys

3 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Outdoorsy Teenage Boys

by Alicia in 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, Gifts

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You know the old saying.. nothing smells quite like the great outdoors.  I agree 100% with that!   Sometimes the great outdoors doesn’t smell so good though.   It will knock you to your feet.  When my son spends hours outside high up in trees or building a campfire or making something, that outdoor aroma is undeniable the second he walks in the door.   His routine when he walks in the back door from being outside for hours includes taking off his shoes then going straight for a shower.   He’s not allowed to sit on any furniture, take his stinky clothes off anywhere but in his room or the laundry area, or even grab something to eat.  It’s straight to the shower.

When it comes to body and hair wash for my teenage son, it may have taken me until he was 12 years old or so, to realize that he could no longer get by with just baby wash.  He and my daughter couldn’t share anymore.  🙁  Baby wash just doesn’t provide the lather and scent that he needs as a teenage boy.  AXE’s Phoenix shower gel gets him clean and more importantly, to me, he *smells* clean after showering.   My son insists on keeping his hair long and his hair gets oily.  Long and oily is not an attractive combination so I bought him AXE Intense Deep Clean Shampoo for oily hair, and despite the fact that he’s not thrilled about having to use two different products (oh no!) in the shower, using a shampoo for oily hair makes a huge difference and he likes the scent of AXE’s products so that’s a plus.

AXE shampoo

On days when he has something important to do like a band concert or a ceremony at Boy Scouts, he uses AXE Clean Cut Look Pomade in his hair.  Although this post is sponsored by AXE and Sam’s Club, the AXE items I’ve mentioned here are items that my son has used for months.  Call it a great match!

Here are three great stocking stuffer ideas for the teen boy in your life

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Don’t know what to get your guys this holiday season? AXE® Products at Sam’s Club make the ultimate stocking stuffer! They come in three packs so you can split them up between each man in your life –saving you time and money while keeping them happy and smelling good!

Which boy or man in your life will be getting AXE® in their stocking this holiday season?

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