Gift Guide: 5 Gifts For The Work From Home Parent
Gift Guide: 5 Gifts For The Work From Home Parent

Gift Guide: 5 Gifts For The Work From Home Parent

by Alicia in 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, Gifts

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It takes a special kind of person to be a work from home parent. You’re stuck in an office in your home where you’d probably rather be catching up on your favorite tv show, making sure the kids are doing their homework, ‘helping’ your spouse cook dinner, or smelling the roses in the garden. No.. you’re stuck in your home office which hopefully has a door and is an area that the kids are not allowed to enter. If I’ve learned one thing in the 13 years I’ve been working from home it is to set boundaries for who and when someone is allowed to step into my office. If you’re not here to help me sort through paperwork, write a story, or call clients, do not spend more than 30 seconds in my office. Or you will get sucked in! 😉

The items featured in my ‘Work from home parent gift guide’ are things that I being a work from home parent, find useful and fun!  I especially love the cork planters (#5).  One cork planter can add a touch of green to your office while the other holds pens.  My second favorite thing on this list is the rolling foot massager.   I just love this because my feet get tingly when I’ve been sitting for a long time.  The rolling massage plus heat makes for a relaxing, spa experience right from your home office!

Work from home office gift guide

1 – iTunes Gift Card
Every work from home parent needs a plethora of music choices at their disposal.  Sometimes we need music that gives us energy and sometimes we need music that calms us down.

2 – Rolling Foot Massager with Infrared Heat – $139

3 – HP Smartphone and Tablet Wireless Inkjet Printer w/ Your Choice of Tablet + Bonus 8GB USB Flash Drive Value Bundleicon – $122

4 – Big Head Memo Pad icon – $25

5 – Cork Plantersicon – $50

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