6 Beanies Under $50
6 Beanies Under $50

Fashion & Style Guide: 6 Beanies Under $50

by Alicia in Fashion & Style, Style Guide

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If it is below 50 degrees outside, you’ll find me bundled up.  About the only thing I enjoy about winter is wearing cozy clothes.   I don’t like not getting to go outside the with the kids without having the bundle up, looking out the windows and seeing leafless trees, and getting into a cold car.  Enough said about that.

This year, because I guess we really do get smarter as we age, I am adding hats to my winter wardrobe.  I suppose pulling my coat over my head and covering my ears with my hands isn’t the smartest way to not freeze.  I saw a woman wearing a beanie yesterday at my daughter’s Thanksgiving Feast as school and thought about how cute.. and warm she looked.  Maybe I ought to give that a try.  Beanies are the ideal winter hat because they slide on, fit cozily, and there’s not so much of a risk of them being blown off by the wind.   I also love how compact they are.  I could easily put two or three beanies in the glove compartment of my car and never be without one!

Beanies come in a lot of styles.  You could have one for each day of the week and every dress situation.  A casual beanie, a dressy beanie, a fun beanie, a boring beanie.. I could go on and on.

A few things I have been looking for on my search for a few perfect beanies are neutral colors, a loose fit style (so I’m not left with a red line on my forehead when I take it off), and a tight-knit would be good so the cold air doesn’t seep in through the holes.

Here are a few beanies I love that are under $50


Beanies under $50

1 – Echo ‘Milk Made’ Slouchy Beanie – $35 at Nordstrom.com
Available in 8 colors!

2 – Mossimo® Beaded Beanie Hat – $12.99 at Target.com
This knit beanie is studded with glittering silver beads for a bit of sparkle and shine.

3 – Perfect Slouchy Knit Hat – $48 at NeimanMarcus.com
Hat Attack’s Perfect Slouchy hat caps your casual look with a cozy, chunky knit.

4 – Flecked Pastures Beanie – $32 at Antrhopologie.com

5 – Crochet Beanie Hat with Flower – $16.99 at Target.com

6 – Beaded Spiral Rib Beanie – $48.00 at Shopbop.com


Do you have a favorite beanie or are you looking for the perfect beanie?  Let me know if I can help you find something!

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