Take The KEY Pledge And Be Entered To Win $2500!
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Take The KEY Pledge And Be Entered To Win $2500!

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If single-load liquid laundry packets are not safely stored out of reach and sight of young children they can attract dangerous interest from curious little ones. While single load liquid laundry packets are proven to be very effective in cleaning our kid’s dirty, grimy clothes, keeping them safely away, out of reach and sight of small children is the best method to prevent accidents from happening including unintended ingestion and exposure to the eyes.

In July I announced that I am working with the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) on a sponsored campaign to help spread the message about laundry safety, especially when it comes to using, storing and handling single-load liquid laundry packets. Today I’d like to expand on that and share more safety information and tips from a safe laundry room and routine that child safety expert, Kimberlee Mitchell, recently shared with us.

Have children? Chances are that your laundry room is one of the most used rooms in your home. Did you know that your laundry room is also a potential danger zone? In addition to the possible hazards like a hot iron being knocked off the ironing board or closing a tiny hand in the washing machine door, the laundry room is often where many household cleaning products are stored.

Your young children should not be allowed into the laundry room area, it is not a playroom. The best way to prevent accidents from taking place is to keep it an off limits room If this is not possible, always store household cleaning products, including single-load liquid laundry packets, up high out of reach and sight, preferably behind a locked cabinet or drawer.

Making Safety a Top Priority in the Home

Speaking from experience as a mom of two, small children like to imitate the adults in a household. Now if only they would imitate them when we actually want them to! If you are doing laundry then naturally, your young kids will want to help. Many parents allow toddlers to help by letting them add the laundry detergent to the washer or assist with removing clothing from the dryer.

These are chores that are typically delegated to “mommy’s little helpers”.

Instead of this type of activity it would be better to think of tasks that take place outside of the laundry room environment. Then they will not be exposed to household cleaners such as detergents and bleaches which could pose a hazard.

Parents should make the laundry room an Off Limits area of the home. Instead of bringing kids into a hazardous area take the freshly cleaned laundry to another room and then have your children help you as you sort and fold the clothing.

If you prefer to dry your laundry on an outdoor line the kids could be encouraged to help with this task as well. This would be a good way for both you and your child to enjoy some bonding time on a bright, sunny day.

Take the KEY Pledge for your family

KEY PLEDGE for Parents

Every parent should become aware of how important it is to take the KEY pledge to a safe laundry room and routine. Signing up is easy to do, and you will be making a pledge to put safety first to ensure you and your family are clean and safe.

As a bonus, each individual who agrees to take the KEY pledge will have their name automatically entered in a sweepstakes contest. The winner will receive a grand prize of $2500***.

You can commit to the safety and health of your child by taking the KEY pledge today!

When you take the KEY pledge your household will be added to those listed on the site’s heat/tracking map. This is a quick and fun way to determine how many consumers in your state have also agreed to follow a safe laundry routine.

Pledge your support for a safe laundry room and routine and you just might be the one who wins the $2500 prize***

KEY Pledge Heat Map

Always Follow these Simple and Safe Laundry Rules

  • Kimberlee suggests that even adults should never handle single load liquid laundry packets with wet or damp hands.
  • After you purchase single-load liquid laundry packets, as soon as you bring them into your home, store them safely away up high, out of reach and sight.
  • Never let your child handle or play with any single-load liquid laundry packets.
  • Keep the single load laundry packets and other household cleaning products out of a child’s sight. “Out of Sight Is Out of Mind.”

  • Leave the original safety labels on the containers and make sure that you understand the directions before using single-load liquid laundry packets.
  • Store single load laundry packs in locked cabinets or on shelves that are too high for a child to reach.

  • Keep your laundry room as clutter free as possible so you can always have a clear view of any reachable surface to make sure nothing harmful was left within your child’s reach.

  • Teach each child in your family that colorful single-load detergent packets are not something to be played with, they are not toys and must be left alone.

  • *In the event of an emergency keep the Poison Control Center phone number (1-800-222-1222) – available at all times.

Child Safety Expert Kimberlee Mitchell Weighs In

Kimberlee Mitchell is the owner of a California baby-proofing company named “Boo Boo Busters”. She is also recognized as a devoted child safety expert.. Kimberlee has provided baby-proofing services to more than 5000 homes in California and is happy to be able to lend her voice and support to the KEY Pledge campaign.

Kimberlee has also been collaborating with the ACI on a laundry safety video series which will be rolled out over the next couple of months. Every parent or caregiver with young children needs to watch this eye-opening video to learn about the proper storage, usage and handling of single-load liquid laundry packets. Education and awareness is KEY to avoiding unintended ingestion and eye exposure. View video #1 here: http://www.cleaninginstitute.org/clean_living/safe_laundry_room.aspx

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