The Newly Redesigned 2014 Toyota Corolla, A Car With Wow Power!
The Newly Redesigned 2014 Toyota Corolla, A Car With Wow Power!

The Newly Redesigned 2014 Toyota Corolla, A Car With Wow Power!

by Alicia in Car Reviews

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Is looking for a new car something you’ve had on your mind for a while but haven’t decided on which vehicle you want to look at and learn more about first?  While finding the right vehicle can sometimes be a challenge, when you take time to check out the newly redesigned 2014 Toyota Corolla, you’ll be amazed at this car’s “Wow Power”! Wow Power is when a car impresses you on more than just looks alone and the Toyota Corolla has great looks and much more! Cool new features for the tech-savvy driver, a sleek, restyled design that appeals to the eye and the same Toyota reliability that’s been a favorite among buyers for many years adds to the allure of this contemporary and affordable car.

2014 Corolla Safety with 8 Airbags

My review of the new Corolla found the addition of several great safety features, including 8 airbags that come standard on all 2014 Corolla models which include:

  • driver and front passenger airbags
  • driver and front passenger seat-mounted side airbags
  • driver knee airbag
  • passenger seat-cushion airbags
  • and front and rear side curtain airbags.

These, along with the three-point seat belts for every passenger make the 2014 Corolla one of the safest vehicles around. Sure, no one plans to be in an accident, but even the most seasoned driver on a familiar commute may still contend with the traffic becoming faster and heavier. Even with the convenient 60/40 rear seat split, no matter which seat you’re occupying, you can be reassured that you will be as protected as possible.

2014 Toyota Corolla review

The Corolla has a beautiful interior as well and you’ll be sure to notice the aerodynamic dashboard with sleek, fluid lines.   I can almost guarantee that when you get in the Corolla for the first time, your hand will involuntarily caress the dashboard as if you are touching a $1500 handbag you’ve saved for for years.

2014 Corolla Backup Camera

The addition of the backup camera which comes standard on all 2014 Corolla models with the exception of the Corolla L, is a superb touch. How is this a benefit to you? The touch-screen on the control panel gives you not only a view of the area behind your car, but also peace of mind that when backing up there is nothing in your path.   You never know what prompts a child to run behind a car and the addition of backup cameras in a vehicle can be a life saver.  Additionally, the camera also assists in parallel parking, making it easier to see the curb and vehicles in front or behind you. Tight spot to park? No problem now.

Inside the 2014 Toyota Corolla

Now, let’s take a tour of the other features inside the Corolla that make driving this car an immensely satisfying experience. Available only on the LE, LE Eco, and S Models, the ENTUNE Multimedia Bundle combines everything you love about technology and takes it on the road with you. The touch-screen features a 6-inch display and the AM/FM CD player and six speakers gives you an excellent surround-sound quality. There’s also an auxiliary audio jack for headphones, a USB port, and iPod® connectivity. With the advanced voice recognition and hands-free phone capability, you can dial, talk and control your phone effortlessly. The music streaming via Bluetooth® technology adds to the appeal of this intriguing and sporty vehicle.

2014 Toyota Corolla review

Under the Hood

Under the hood, the Toyota Corolla offers two engine options and three transmission choices in the four differing models ranging from a six-speed manual shift to the classic four-speed automatic. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention the impressive gas mileage this car can get with an EPA estimated 42 miles per gallon on the highway. In short, the newly redesigned 2014 Toyota Corolla has everything you could want and more. It’s the ideal vehicle for everyone from long-distance commuters to budget-minded college students. It definitely has Wow-Power!



  • L  – $16,800
  • LE – $18,300
  • LE Eco –  $18,700
  • S – $19,000

Explore, Build, or Test Drive a Toyota Corolla Today!

Thank you to photographer Ernesto Roman for providing a few of the photographs above.

Toyota flew me to Miami Florida to learn about and test drive the 2014 Toyota Corolla.  They provided accommodations at the gorgeous Viceroy Miami hotel which I will tell you about in another post so stay tuned.  All opinions are my own.

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I had a blast hanging out with Zippy from Champagne Living during this trip, who also provided a review of the Corolla on her blog.


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