Four Fall Sweaters I Love
Four Fall Sweaters I Love

4 Falls Sweaters I Love

by Alicia in Fashion & Style, Style Guide

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When I stepped outside this morning, I felt a chill and ran inside to put on a sweater.

I love summer in Atlanta but one of the perks of cooler weather is getting to bundle up in comfy sweaters.  Once it’s cool enough outside to wear a sweater that’s pretty much all I wear so I make sure to have a lot of options.  After several years, I’ve built up what I consider to be a decent collection of sweaters.  The factors I consider when choosing sweaters are versatility, neutral colors so they can go with anything – even though I mostly wear jeans or black pants, comfort, and warmth – enough for Atlanta anyway. 🙂

Here are 4 fall sweaters that I love:


Four Fall Sweaters


  1. 1 – Women’s Chunky Fall Sweater at – $36.94
  2. 2 – ‘Po Jeepster’ High/Low Sweater at Nordstrom – $106
  3. 3 – Maison Jules Sweater, Long-Sleeve Crew-Neck Striped Cashmere Top at Macy’s – $169
  4. 4 – Emma Pullover at Ella Moss – $198

Do you have a favorite fall sweater or fall sweater style?

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