Wyler’s Light: Helping my kids make better choices in what they are drinking.

Wyler’s Light: Helping my kids make better choices in what they are drinking.

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I drink lots and lots of water.  At least a gallon a day.  In the summertime its probably more like a gallon and a half to two gallons with all the time we spend outside. But I get so sick and tired of drinking just water!  Yeah, I have my two cups of coffee in the morning and then usually one soda in the afternoon.  I am really trying to cut down on my caffeine intake though.  So much water though just gets boring after a while.

Wyler’s Light, , a low–calorie (only 5 calories), sugar–free drink mix that helps me get through the day and not turn to that soda in the afternoon hours when I am looking for something to drink besides my tasteless water. Plus Wyler’s Light is helping my kids make better choices in what they are drinking.  Instead of drinking all that sugary soda and juices they turn to water and they put Wyler’s Light in their water to give it a great taste!  They like the Lemonade flavor.  My two favorite flavors are Raspberry Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade. I can’t just choose one!

I love to mix my Raspberry Lemonade up, put it in the blender, add ice and blend and make it like a slushy.  It’s a great drink for when you’re sitting out by the pool on a hot humid day.

And Wyler’s light has a flavor for everyone! There are 17 flavor’s to choose from:

•Pink Lemonade
•Raspberry Lemonade
•Strawberry Lemonade
•Cool Raspberry
•Cherry Limeade
•Fruit Punch
•Kiwi Strawberry
•Sunsplash Orange
•Iced Tea with Lemon
•Iced Tea with Peach
•Iced Tea with Raspberry
•Half Iced Tea and Half Lemonade

Plus a new flavor..Cherry Berry!

This summer check out Wyler’s Light and find your favorite flavor.

For more information you can like Wyler’s Light on Facebook.

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