8 Busy Moms Beauty Tips and One of my Favorite Beauty Products!
8 Busy Moms Beauty Tips and One of my Favorite Beauty Products!

8 Busy Moms Beauty Tips and One of my Favorite Beauty Products!

by Alicia in Beauty & Skin Care

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If you’re a busy mom who has little to no time on her hands but you still want to look fresh-faced and bright eyed with a flawless face, I recommend that you look into Laura Mercier’s cosmetics.   I love Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer and most recently, their lip gloss, which you will find online at stores like Beautique UK.

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Love! – Tinter Moisturizer

Laura Mercier is known for it’s signature trademark, a flawless face.  The brand excels in creating perfect-looking skin in the matter of minutes with easy to use products. Busy moms who use this brand will have beautiful glowing skin that others will be envious of.  One of the most popular items for mom’s of all ages is the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.  Not only is this item a great multi-tasker, it provides just enough coverage and moisture to leave skin looking smooth with a natural dewy finish.  This moisturizer also contains SPF 20 which is ideal for mom’s who enjoy taking their little ones out on play dates in the park. You won’t have to worry about your skin or reapply sunscreen while chasing your little ones.

Worried about aging skin?

Prevention of aging and damaged skin is also key when it comes to saving time on a beauty routine. By using products to prevent wrinkles and to repair skin, busy moms can save time when they do apply their makeup since they will not have to pile on foundation and concealer to mask imperfections. Laura Mercier offers an array of skin products that range from eye serums to decadent smelling body butters. By incorporating some of these items into a nightly routine before bed, you can wake up with a smooth, soft feeling face that will provide a smooth canvas for your makeup in the morning.

Laura Mercier also provides bright, fun colors for moms who want to brighten their day with makeup.   There are assorted shades of lipsticks to choose from as well as beautiful baked shadows that are crease-proof and pigmented at the same time.   Due to the quality of the brand’s items, a busy mom won’t have to waste time with constant reapplication of lipstick or worry if her mascara is running.

8 Busy Mom Beauty Tips From Alicia

  • Apply a tinter moisturizer or lotion with sunscreen on your face every morning.
  • Carry an extra supply of cosmetics in your purse.  We’re busy and we never know if we’re going to be out all day and need to switch up our colors for the evening.
  • Keep dry shampoo on hand!  Dry shampoo is great for times when an unexpected event pops up and you don’t have time to wash, dry, and style your hair.  Just spray the dry shampoo on, style, and go!
  • Have makeup remover wipes on your nightstand.  I have been known to forget to wash my face some nights.  Now I just pull a makeup remover wipe out, use it, and toss it – in the garbage of course.
  • Keep nail polish remover wipes in the car, pull them out and use them to remove chipped nail polish while waiting in the carpool line.
  • If you have time to only apply 3 things, choose tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, lipstick or gloss, and blush.
  • Get a manicure once a month or so.  It will make you feel good about your hands and nails for a couple of weeks; well worth the investment.
  • Get a good under-eye concealer.  Parents don’t get sleep.  Period.

You don’t have to let your beauty routine fall to the wayside to take care of your kids.   All these items from Laura Mercier will help a busy mom achieve a flawless face without spending an hour in the mirror. With the proper skincare and a few select, quality products to use, you can be out of the door within minutes.


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