Oscar de la Renta Knows How to Dress a Child for the Holidays!
Oscar de la Renta Knows How to Dress a Child for the Holidays!

Oscar de la Renta Knows How to Dress a Child for the Holidays!

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Oscar de la Renta..a name I grew up familiar with.  Not because I wore Oscar de la Renta clothes as a child but because the store my mother shopped at sold Oscar de la Renta and I would play in the isles while she tried on what seemed to be endless amounts of clothing and shoes.

When I cam across their winter children’s wear line recently, I fell in love in an instant.  The designs are gorgeously classic and the pieces are timeless fashion statements.

Here are two outfits I put together for my son and daughter:

Oscar de la Renta children's clothing

My Favorite Oscar de la Renta Children's Holiday Outfit for my daugther

This outfit’s main piece is the Plaid Gathered Sleeve Dress – $325

The ballet shoes are the icing on the cake.  The Sabrina ballet flats are crafted in Spain with luxurious velvet, leather soles and finished with a dainty bow. With styling so classic, your daughter will be able to wear these flats with jeans, a tutu, or her favorite dress.

Did you know that Oscar de la Renta has coordinating outfits for little girls and boys!  Maybe that’s the stitch that will bind my two together.. finally?

Sebastian, my 13 year old son, likes to wear stylish button down shirts but he pairs them with cargo pants most of the time.  That’s a little painful for me to see.  Better than basketball shorts to school every day though, isn’t it?

Here is the outfit that I picked out for my son:

Oscar de la Renta children's wear - Boys

My pick of Oscar de la Renta clothes for my son

The small check plaid shirt is right up Sebastian’s alley.  He loves checks and plaids.  I would totally wear this Cashmere V-Neck Sweater when he’s not wearing it but seeing as how he loves soft sweaters, I think my opportunities would be slim.  And don’t these shoes look so cool.. and comfortable?


What I love about Oscar de la Renta’s pieces is that they can be passed down from generation to generation.  It’s not just the classic designs of his children’s clothing, but the quality that make the pieces timeless, don’t you agree?  Some parents may wonder if they will get their return on investment if they buy their child an Oscar de la Renta dress or sweater.  Remember, that dress or sweater will be worn many times, and will likely be handed down or given to a family member who’s child will also wear it many times.

Do you already have your children’s holiday clothes picked out?

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