3 Cheery Holiday Pinecone Crafts Even Kids Can Make!
3 Cheery Holiday Pinecone Crafts Even Kids Can Make!

3 Cheery Holiday Pinecone Crafts Even Kids Can Make!

by Alicia in Arts and Crafts, Holiday

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Get The Season Started With This Perfect Pinecone Crafts!

Now that the holidays are here, it’s the perfect time to get down to some decorating for the season! While most festivities will leave your pocket book looking and feeling empty, here are some that use pinecones, which are just as cheap as they are fun. And one of the best things about these crafty decorations is that they are easy and simple enough for the kids involved in some christmas festivities.

Pinecone Tree by Martha Stewart

Pinecone Tree by Country Living - Photo source: Steven Randazzo

Pinecone Christmas Tree from Country Living

This is easy to make and packs a serious seasonal punch. To create this tree, anchor a cone-shaped foam base into a container such as a flower pot or planter. Then use wire to attach the pine cones onto 2 inch wooden floral picks. Next, insert the picks into the foam. Be sure to arrange the cones biggest on bottom to smallest on the top. Lastly, conceal any foam that is left showing by tucking in sheet moss between the pinecones. And there is it in all its festive glory!

Pinecone Christmas Tree craft instructions on Country Living

Pinecone penguin craft by Martha Stewart

Pinecone penguin craft by Martha Stewart - Photo source: MarthaStewart.com


Pinecone Penguin from Martha Stewart

These fun little fellas are sure to be a hit with little ones and grownups alike. First gather up supplies because these guys have a little bit more too them.

Here are the crafting supplies needed:
scissors, sandpaper, small paintbrushes, glue, white and brown acrylic paint, and some white glass glitter.

Additionally, different pinecone parts will be needed:
2 large scales cut to a point for the wings, 1 small piece cut from the top of a pine-cone for the neck, one long pine-cone for the body, and an acorn cap for the face.

Next construct them by attaching the long scale wings to the body pine-cone with glue. Then sand the neck piece so it can easily be attached to the body with glue as well. Then attach the acorn cap face to the neck. Next, paint the belly and half of the acorn cap white, and then let them dry. Once the paint is dry, use glue to add glitter to the belly and paint on the eyes.

Pinecone Penguin craft instructions from Martha Stewart


Colorful holiday pinecone craft by HGTV

Colorful holiday pinecone craft by HGTV - Photo source: HGTV.com


Colorful Pinecone Centerpiece

The last pine-cone activity is so simple it’s a shame HGTV didn’t think of it years ago.

By spray painting pinecones bright colors and arranging them in a clear decorative jar a sassy seasonal centerpiece is born. This colorful crafty centerpiece is truly easy while speaking volumes.

> Colorful pinecone centerpiece instructions


Whether it’s a traditional earthy Christmas tree, a winter wonderland made of penguins or a modern DIY spray paint decorative piece, this season will be full of fun when any of these ideas are involved.

Do you have a favorite pinecone holiday craft? Share it with us in the comments below!

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