Why Was Kate Gosselin Fired From Job as CouponCabin Blogger? Do We Even Care?
Kate Gosselin fired from job as CouponCabin Blogger

Why Was Kate Gosselin Fired From Her Job as CouponCabin Blogger? Do You Even Care?

by Alicia in Celebrities

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I’ll be honest, I haven’t kept up with Kase Gosselin since her first show on TLC and I don’t even remember what it was called.

All I remember the name of the post-divorce show, Kate Plus 8.

I used to enjoy the show, the first show, when she and Jon were married, whether they looked happy or not.  It seemed real.  It was like watching my life on TV, even though I only have two kids.  Then they divorced, their kids grew up, but it seemed that Kate didn’t.  I don’t know though. I’m not a psychologist, I’m just speaking from what I feel based on what I see.  Makes sense doesn’t it?  It just seems to make sense to me that if she really valued herself and her kids, she would have looked for a job that was not in the spotlight.  No dancing on TV, no news correspondent spots, none of that.  Just an office job.  When CouponCabin announced that Kate Gosselin would be their new blogger, I though that might not be a bad job for her.  Now, please keep in mind that these thoughts lasted all of 10 seconds because I’m really not invested in Kate’s doings.

Kate Gosselin fired from couponcabin

Kate Gosselin Fired from CouponCabin

Now, she’s out of this job.  What will she do?  I’m sure she can make money doing celebrity appearances, she can dance on TV, but really what’s best for her kids.  Her kids need to see that Mom is self-sufficient.  Why is Kate Gosselin being in front of the camera so different from any other celebrity mom though?  I can’t answer that.  Maybe it’s because she didn’t go into TLC having already been a celebrity mom.  Maybe it just seems fake and unwarranted for her to be considered a ‘celebrity’?  What’s your take on that?

I guess her stint as a CouponCabin blogger lasted a while but apparently ended because as CEO Scott Kluth said

“Ms. Gosselin is simply not a good fit with the wonderful team and culture at CouponCabin,”.

Scott went on to say

“Gosselin’s “contributions garnered both positive attention and criticism” during her 11 months working for the site. “We wish Kate, her family and her support staff all the best.”

So, was she ‘fired’ because CouponCabin didn’t like the negative attention, which I totally understand, or was she fired because she wasn’t doing her job?  I’d love to know. OR, did she quit?  Who knows?

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Here is a “Looking for Kate” letter written by Scott Knuth, CEO of CouponCabin.com.

What’s your take?

Are you glad to see Kate be leave CouponCabin or did you enjoy seeing her blog posts on CouponCabin or are you indifferent, like me?

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