What I Really Want For My Birthday Is To Not Be Treated Like A Mom For A Day. Or Is It?
What I Really Want For My Birthday Is To Not Be Treated Like A Mom For A Day.  Or Is It?

What I Really Want For My Birthday Is To Not Be Treated Like A Mom For A Day. Or Is It?

by Alicia in Personal

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Is that so bad?

I want to have a day when my husband takes care of the kids.  By takes care of the kids I mean, without me reminding him to feed or bathe the kids.  Without having to remind him to check their homework or make sure they brushed their teeth or took their medicine. No reminders.

I want to have a day when I don’t have to fill and empty the dishwasher twice.  I want someone else to do that.. without me having to ask.

I want to have a day when I am not in charge of deciding what to have for dinner.

I want this day, my birthday, to be simple.   I want the kids to get along.  No fighting today.  No arguing.  No nit-picking.  I want my husband to be pro-active and not ask me what I want for dinner or desert.

I want to enjoy my family, but not be in 100% mom-mode.

Just for one day.

I don’t think that will happen and quite honestly, now that I’ve said it all, maybe I don’t want to not be treated like a mom for a day.  That might make me sad.

I want Madelyn to give me a necklace made of play-doh, beads, and tall grass, and in return I will belt out my ‘proud mom’ scream and dance.

I want Sebastian to walk up to me all cool and say Happy Birthday Mom in his low voice, give me one of his huge bear hugs, and then not give me a wrapped gift.  Otherwise, I would know that Tim bought the gift and gave it to Sebastian to give to me. I’d rather wait another five years for him to start buying gifts for me on his own.

Happy family times

This photographs says everything that I want.

I want my daughter to continue to jump into her daddy’s arms from 5 feet away with complete confidence.  I want my husband to smile while catching her.  I want that to never get old for either of them.

I want my son to keep cracking jokes such as falling off of a tree and then jump up and laugh about it.
Both make my hard pound and my soul laugh at the same time.

I want a lot don’t I? Is it too much to ask?

Mostly, I want everyone around me to know how much I appreciate them and I want to thank God that I am alive and that the kids are healthy and safe and that we are a happy family.

That makes today the most wonderful birthday of all.

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