SIGG Halloween Water Bottle and a Trick-Or-Treating Packing List
SIGG Halloween Water Bottle and a Trick-Or-Treating Packing List

SIGG Halloween Water Bottles and a Trick-Or-Treating Packing List

by Alicia in Age 3-5, Age 5-7, Food and Drink

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You’re ready for Halloween, right? Or are you?

You have the kids Halloween costumes, you have the Halloween decorations (at least out of the attic), and you have the candy. Now what about all the stuff that’s going to keep your kids comfortable and happy while they’re walking 5 miles to collect candy and say please and thank you? Pleases and thank yous require a lot of energy you know.

Here are a few items you should pack for your trick-or-treating excursion:

  • Bring a wagon or stroller if your kids are 5 or younger
  • Wipes – candy hands are sticky hands!
  • First aid kit (bandaids, antiseptic wipes, etc)
  • Flashlights
  • Flip flops or socks – just in case your princesses shoes hurt her feet after a while
  • A dumping bag (a pillow case for when the kid’s treat haul gets too heavy)
  • Camera
  • Safety whistles or walkie talkies (talk to your kids before and tell them to stop when you blow the whistle)
  • Healthy snacks
  • Water (it’s important to stay hydrated!)

SIGG Halloween water bottle

Speaking of water..

SIGG Halloween water bottles

SIGG Halloween water bottles

SIGG offers kids a super cute way to stay hydrated this Halloween and beyond with their festive Halloween aluminum water bottles!  As you know from previous posts, we are huge fans of SIGG water bottles.  Madelyn was very excited when she opened a box from SIGG with a Little Witch water bottle with a glow in the dark cap!  She had that bottle glowing within 10 minutes of having it out of the box!  I was in the pitch dark bathroom with her while she swirled the water bottle around and around so we could watch the “shooting starts” zoom around the bathroom.  The glow lasted a long time!

This SIGG water bottle is small enough for little hands and you won’t lose it while trick-or-treating because it will be glowing!

Halloween theme water bottles

Check out the kids area on the SIGG website where you’ll find lots of other festive, cute, and spunky designs in their Kids area.

The bottles ship within 1 business day so hurry and order yours today!

SIGG also sells aluminum lunch boxes and other accessories and be sure to take a look at their adult size water bottle designs while you’re on the site.  There are so many colors and designs to choose from!

Now that you have a trick-or-treating packing list make sure you have what YOU need to be festive too! Halloween isn’t just for kids you know!

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