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At Hospital With Post Tonsillectomy Hemorrhaging

by Alicia in Health, Personal

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This has been a trial for me and my family. It all started with a tonsillectomy at 38 years old, two weeks ago. I was aware that the chance of a bleed out was 2-4% for two weeks after surgery. 13 days after surgery at 11pm I started bleeding. A lot. Was taken to hospital by ambulance where my surgeon performed emergency surgery for hemorrhaging. All details about the hemorrhaging and emergency surgery are on my Facebook page.

Please keep me in your thought as as you can read from my Facebook posts I am very scared. I lost 1/5 of my blood during the hemorrhaging and am weak and my heart is racing still. I’ve been on IV fluids since surgery. I am most worried about Madelyn and Sebastian. They don’t know what to think of it all.

I posted a more info about my day to day recovery then during the hemorrhaging (asking for prayers) on my Facebook wall for those of you who want more details on what’s going on.

Might be a little graphic so be careful. my Facebook page.


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