Highway Guardian Might Save Your Teen’s Life
Highway Guardian Might Save Your Teen's Life

Highway Guardian Might Save Your Teen’s Life – @HwyGuardian

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My son is twelve years old and it’s hard to imagine that he’ll be driving in as little as four years.  I can’t imagine I’ll be ready to set him free on the roads then.

For those of you with kids (or a husband) who puts the pedal to the metal, there is a product available that you will appreciate.  It’s called the Highway Guardian and it limits drivers to 73 miles per hour.

You might be thinking that your child wouldn’t possibly get up to 73 miles per hour.

But think about it..

Does your teen drive on the highway?

Does your teen drive at night when the roads are empty and they are more tempted to drive fast?

Does your teen drive with other teens in the car?

If so and if your child is human, then he/she could quite possibly attempt to drive at speeds over 70 miles an hour which in my book is unacceptable for any child under the age of 30.  🙂

Highway Guardian product information

Highway Guardian device

Highway Guardian is a GPS-based speed-limiting device that is easily installed on your teen’s car by any novice mechanic. The device limits the car’s top speed to 73 MPH by controlling the fuel injection system through preset parameters.  The $299 price tag will surely pale in comparison to the bill you get when your child gets in a car accident as a result of driving too fast and most definitely to any physical or emotional injuries that are caused as a result as well.

Did you know that..


Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens?

40% percent of those crashes are speed-related.


Have the confidence and assurance knowing that your teen’s car will not reach dangerously high speeds on the highway. Invented by Police Officers who are also parents, Highway Guardian sets a new standard in automotive safety.

Learn more about Highway Guardian here.

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