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Happy 13th Birthday To The Boy Who Changed My Life!

by Alicia in Personal

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My baby boy, the boy who changed my world for ever and for the better was born 13 years ago today.

The last 13 years with him have changed me more than I could imagine being a mother could. You have been the wheel that keeps me spinning. You have no idea how much of an impact you’ve had on me.  Thirteen years ago today, God gave me an angel on earth.  I can’t imagine life without you.

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Despite your age, you are the most loving and tolerant child I could possibly wish for.

My wish for you in this next year and beyond, is that you to continue to be healthy, happy, honest, caring, and as loving as you’ve always been. I never imagined that my son, at 13 years old, would still give me hugs and kisses every day.  Or that he’d be so smart.

I also never imagine that you’d grow into being your own self.  I thought I could mold you into a craft loving, tennis playing, bike riding boy, but you proved me wrong.  You’ve done things I never dreamed you would do.  You are a loyal Scout of over six years, a volunteer, a lover of nature and animals, and the most beautiful, wondersul son I could have ever asked for.

To my son who will never know how much you changed my life and made living life possible for me, I love you, Mom.

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