Back-To-School Style With Tea Collection – Nordic Line Review
Back-To-School Style With Tea Collection - Nordic Line Review

Back-To-School Style With Tea Collection – Nordic Line Review

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We love travelling.. with Tea Collection.  So far we’ve experienced Bali and now we’re experiencing the fresh, clean, and modern look of Finland, Sweden, and Denmark through Tea Collection’s new Nordic Line.  You can learn more about Tea Collection’s destinations here.

My daughter started school this week and Tea Collection dominated her back-to-school wardrobe.  She loves her Tea Collection dresses of which she has several (because she loves them so much!) and now she has a couple of adorable t-shirts to pair with Tea’s whimsical Twirly Skirt and Skinny Stretch Leggings.

Tea Collection’s new Nordic line is made up of pieces with clean yet ‘fun-funky’ (a word my daughter made up) patterns.  My daughter’s favorite dress from the Noric Line is the Moderni Banded Dress while my favorite on her is the Life in the Trees Banded Dress.  I love the banded look on my daughter, although I think the Mod Colorblock a-line dress is very cute too.

Tea Collection Nordic Line

Top row: Mod Colorblock dress. Second row: Moderni Banded Dress

Her favorite play outfit is the Bluetail Robin Tee paired with the Twirly Skirt.  I could just go on and on with the pairings.  She wears the Mod Colorblock dress and the Moderni dress with the bouquet Skinny Stretch Leggings and the Bluetail Robin tee with the Twirly skirt, French Terry shorts, and Safari Paperback shorts.  There are so many possibilities with Tea Collection. The Nordic line is made up of pieces from the same color pallet so pieces are easily paired.

Fit and Comfort

Like most young kids, my daughter doesn’t like to wear anything snug around her waist.  No jeans or cordiroys yet.  I hope she’ll  get there sometime soon though.  That’s why Tea Collection’s peices are so great for kids. Most of their skirts, pants, and shorts are made of at least 70% cotton making them very soft and flexible which is exactly what kids love!

Tea Collection women's clothes

Tea Collection - Hassu Floral Exposed Zip Back blouse

Tea Collections offers clothes for boys and girls up to size 12 and they even have a women’s line!  We can’t leave out the moms!  Take a look at this beautiful blouse.  >

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