When Decline = Personal Rejection
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When Decline = Personal Rejection

by Alicia in Personal

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Should a game invite decline equate to personal rejection?  For me it did.. for a few minutes anyway.

This is an example of how feeling really crappy (sick) and being disappointed (surgery was cancelled) can give even the littlest things power over a person (ie – me).

For a few minutes, I felt rejected because someone who I had been playing a game with on my iPhone, ‘declined’ my invite to a rematch after we’d played several rounds together. She’s a friend on Facebook but we are not really friends (we’re acquaintances and I think she’s a fabulous gal).  She could have declined my invite for a rematch for any number of reasons. One of which was accidental which is what I prefer to believe. Otherwise it could have been because she’s tired of the game, has too many games going on, or she doesn’t want to play with me specifically.  If the person who declined my invitation, for whatever reason – accidental I’m sure 🙂 is reading this please excuse my pity party and know that I really am not upset.  I would love to play again!

Just seeing the words “they declined your invite” is difficult.  Maybe Zynga should rethink the wording.  Or maybe I should rethink my reaction?

Either way, it’s not a big deal. What sucks is that for a few minutes after she declined my invite for a rematch, I felt awful. I felt rejected. I imagined all of these terrible things she might have been thinking about me the moment she hit decline.   How ridiculous is that?

I’m sure I’m being very sensitive right now because I’m sick and my ENT cancelled my surgery that was supposed to be this Friday, yesterday because I’m sick so I’m frustrated and upset which seems to be carrying over into such little things as playing a silly iPhone game. Agh!

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