A Skype First For Me: I Added E-commerce To A Website While On A #Skype Video Chat
A Skype First For Me: I Added E-commerce To A Website While On A #Skype Video Chat

A Skype 1st For Me: I Added E-commerce To A Blog While On A #Skype Video Chat

by Alicia in Blogger Resources, Brand Ambassador, Technology

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Skype Ambassador programWhen I started working from home 11 years ago, I tiddled with some web design projects for small businesses and now I design my own sites and help my others, including my Dad, with website/blog design and coding development.

Recently my Dad asked if I could help him upload some software packages to his WordPress.com blog and then allow his customers to purchase the software from his blog.

This would require a few things:

  • I had to be able to find the software on his computer in order to get in on my server and then onto his website.  We used DropBox and his WordPress.com for this step.
  • Then, I logged on to his PayPal account to create the payment buttons for each version of the software (Mac, Windows, with data, and without data).
  • I created the payment buttons for the software and linked to each from his WordPress.com blog.
  • Then, he requested that I change some verbiage on the payment and software landing pages.

This is the result:
Skype video call helps with client design jobs

Skype video call helped with this design/coding job


By using Skype, I was hundreds of times more productive and efficient than I would have been had he emailed me a list of tasks.   Being on a call, better yet a video call, pushed me to get things done right then and there.  We were in it together and we din’t quit until we got the job done!

Our Skpye call lasted about 2-2 1/2 hours and by the time we completed the call, all four versions of his software were available for download and each version had its own accompanying secure payment button/link.

He and I agreed that Skype is the way to go when working on design and coding tasks in the future!

More about Skype:

Alicia Hagan, Editor

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