Skype vs. FaceTime
Skype vs. FaceTime

Skype and FaceTime: The Differences

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Do you wonder what the differences between Skype and FaceTime are?  Why should you use Skype over FaceTime?

When I was approached about becoming a Skype ambassador, I thought to myself “why would I want to use Skype regularly instead of FaceTime?”.

Skype Ambassador programJust by asking myself that question, I realized that I had subconciously blocked all of my PC owning family and friends, from my video call list.  Most of my family members own PC’s and do not own an iPhone or iPad.  Let’s just say they live simple lives.  Therefor, I can’t FaceTime with them.  I have cousins who have children that my kids would love to video chat with but until it clicked for me that we can all use Skype, I didn’t even consider it.  With Skype, my kids can chat with any family member who owns a PC, Android device, iOS device, or Mac.

While I love FaceTime for video chatting with my Dad and Sister who both own an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, FaceTime does not allow me to chat with my PC loving friends and family.

Skype vs FaceTime Feature Comparison

Skype FaceTime
Video chat from PC/Windows Yes No
Video chat from iPhone/iPad/Mac/iOS Yes Yes
Video chat from Android Yes No
Let’s you know who’s available Yes No
Chat function Yes No
Group video calling Yes (Premium feature) No
Send files while you chat Yes No

These comparisons are valid as of May 2012.

Situation when using Skype rocks!

  • If you have a child who is graduating school soon,  Skype is a great way to help grandparents celebrate with you!
  • Include relatives in your child’s birthday celebration
  • Your kids can video chat with Mom or Dad when they are traveling
  • Read a bedtime story to your child when you are traveling
  • Bloggers, catch up with your blogging buddies between events via Skype!


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