Fresh Produce Park Avenue Pedal Pusher Shorts
Fresh Produce Park Avenue Pedal Pusher Shorts

Fabulous Summer Shorts from Fresh Produce

by Alicia in Clothes - mom & dad

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Kids are getting out of school soon and summer plans are being made.  Many families have plans to go to the beach or on some type of summer vacation.  If you are like me you get a little anxious when you think about choosing clothes for your summer wardrobe.  Every winter I think I would be happy wearing sweaters and long pants year-round as they conceal my ‘trouble areas’.. for the most part.
However, it never fails that by mid-May I go up to the attic in hopes of finding a few pairs of summer shorts.  Before I had the chance to raid the attic, I   received a pair of Park Avenue Pedal Pusher shorts from Fresh Produce.  Great timing!

Fresh Produce - Park Avenue Pedal Pusher Shorts

Park Avenue Pedal Pusher Shorts


The Park Avenue Pedal Pusher is a variation of Bermuda shorts that have comfortable cotton sheeting and functional pockets.
100% cotton sheeting, drawstring waist, slash pockets, front and back patch pockets, just-below-the-knee length.

Fresh Produce - Park Avenue Peddle Pusher Shorts

Park Avenue Peddle Pusher Shorts

The fit and material of these shorts is perfect for me.  The drawstring waistband makes the shorts very comfortable and the thin material keeps me cool all day.  I have been working in the garden a lot lately and these shorts are fabulous for situations when I am bending a lot and need to stay cool.

Fresh Produce clothing

Fresh Produce clothes are very versatile.  The Park Avenue shorts’ sleek, classic style allow them to be worn with a casual t-shirt, polo, or a dressier shirt such as a drape top, depending on the occasion.

Fresh Produce Impromptu Dress in Fiji

Impromptu Dress in Fiji

While you are on the Fresh Produce website take a look at their selection of vacation shorts, dresses, womens caribbean clothes, and skirts.  You’ll find that it is very easy to put a few summer outfits together in no time at all when you visit a Fresh Produce store or the website.  Imagine putting together your entire summer vacation wardrobe in one online order or shopping trip!

Fresh Produce now ships to over 200 countries, so women outside the US can enjoy the colorful styles, too!

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