Watch #HungerHitsHome, a New Documentary from @FoodNetwork
Watch #HungerHitsHome, a New Documentary from @FoodNetwork

Watch #HungerHitsHome, a New Documentary from @FoodNetwork

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Watch #HungerHitsHome

“We’re the richest country on the planet and we don’t have a single community that’s hunger free. We should be ashamed.”

– Jim McGovern, Congressman

You would never think that this statement would be spoken about our country.  It should not be true but as heartbreaking as it is, it is true.

Hunger Hits Home — a new documentary about childhood hunger in America premiering April 14 at 8pm/7c on Food Network features real parents who you would not think were struggling to feed their family.  Jeff Bridges, National Spokesperson for Share our Strength tells us that we can end child hunger by 2015.

Check out the trailer for Hunger Hits Home here.

The new documentary, “Hunger Hits Home,” takes a first-hand look at the crisis of childhood hunger in America through the eyes of the parents, children, anti-hunger activists, educators and politicians on the frontlines of the battle. The film is part of an ongoing partnership between Food Network and Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign to end childhood hunger in America by 2015.

For information about hosting your own viewing party, visit and click on DOWNLOAD GUIDE under “See it.”

Change begins with you. See it. Share it. Support it.

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