Shaklee Get Clean® Review & Giveaway
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Shaklee Get Clean® Review & Giveaway {Winner Announced}

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What’s something we do everyday but don’t necessarily enjoy?  If you said cleaning, you and I are on the same page.
When all is said and done I spend at least 2 hours a day cleaning.  I spend time everyday cleaning the kitchen, the bathrooms, living room, and den, and a few days a week I mop the dirt from the kid’s shoes off the floor.  On a typical day I use 2-3 different cleaners without even really thinking about it.  I use cleaning wipes, all-purpose cleaning spray, and glass cleaner most days.  A few days a week I use laundry and dishwasher detergent. I use dishwasher detergent 4-6 times a week. Using so many different cleaning products is all the more reason to make sure that the cleaning products I use are safe for our kids and home.

When I was presented with the question “What’s lurking under your kitchen sink?” I thought it surely couldn’t be that bad under my sink.  I was wrong. I didn’t realize that out of the eight square feet of space under my kitchen sink, over half of that space was occupied by cleaners with chemicals that I couldn’t pronounce and quite frankly scared me.   I was surprised to learn just how harmful the cleaners I had under my sink were, for my family and the planet.  Some frightening chemicals I found in my cleaning supplies included hydrochloric acidammonia, and sulfuric acid.  These are just a few chemicals that are harmful and are found in most common household cleaners.  Don’t forget to look at your toilet bowl cleaner when challenging yourself to find out what’s lurking under your sink!

What's Lurking Under My Sink

What's Lurking Under My Sink Before Shaklee Get Clean®

What’s great about Shaklee products is what you won’t find in them.  Shaklee products have been reviewed and endorsed for their safety by Healthy Child Healthy World.  Health isn’t just about what you put in your body; it’s about everything around you. Shaklee offers consumers a full line of natural and nontoxic cleaning choices that are Safe for You, Your Home, and Your Planet® called Get Clean®.  I am a mild germaphobe so I regularly clean with anti-bacterial wipes or sprays.  I learned that a spray doesn’t have to contain a lot of chemical ingeredients in order to kill germs.  Shaklee’s Germ Off Disinfecting Wipes, for example, kill 99.9 % of common household bacteria* and are free from toxic chemicals. Shaklee claims all of its cleaning products contain at least 80 percent ‘All Natural’ ingredients and that their products are “Non-Toxic”.   Shaklee’s natural cleaners which are free of hazardous fumes so you can rest assured your family can breathe easy when you clean with Shaklee’s natural cleaners.

Shaklee Get Clean® products under my sink

What's Lurking Under My Sink Now? Shaklee Get Clean® products!

The Get Clean® starter kit I received for review contains the following products:

  • Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate, 16 oz. (1)
  • Germ Off Disinfecting Wipes, 35 Wipes (1)
  • Nature Bright® Laundry Booster and Stain Remover, 32 oz. (1)
  • Dish Wash Concentrate, 16 oz. (1)
  • Dish Washer Automatic Concentrate, 32 oz. (1)
  • Fresh Laundry Concentrate HE Compatible, Regular Scent  32 oz. (Liquid) (1)
  • Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets, 80 sheets (1)
  • Dish Washer Automatic Concentrate Dispenser (empty) (1)
  • Nature Bright® Dispenser (empty) (1)

And these accessories were sent:

  • Organizer Caddy (1)
  • Spray Bottles (3)
    • Windows and Mirrors
    • All-Purpose
    • Degreasing
  • Dropper Pipette (1)
  • 1/4 oz. Dispenser Pump for 32 oz. Bottle (1)
  • Laundry Measuring cup (1)
  • Dual Measuring Spoon (1)
  • Cleaning Accessories (4)
    • Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
    • Super Microfiber Window Cloth
    • Super Microfiber Dish Sponge
    • Miracle Scrubber Pad

I love the Basic H2® Organic Super  Cleaning Concentrate. It is 99.95% natural and contains naturally derived cleaning agents (corn-  and coconut-based surfactant), natural thickener, biodegradable  preservative, and water. The concentrate goes a long way.  I call it my multi-tasking cleaner.  You use the same concentrate to fill your Shaklee Windows, All-Purpose, and Degreasing spray bottles. I honestly was expecting to feel residue on my counters or see streaks on my glass with this cleaner but I didn’t.  This is impressive stuff!  You literally put just a few drops of  Basic H2® Organic Super  Cleaning Concentrate in 16 ounces of water to make the Window cleaning solution.

I know what you’re thinking.  Get Clean® must be more expensive than the cleaning products I buy at the store, right?  It’s not.   The Get Clean® starter kit is about $120.  According to Shaklee, you would spend $3400 for ready to use cleaners to get the same amount of clean found in the Get Clean Starter Kit!

The cost savings are incredible! Shaklee uses packing waste saved from the landfills. Why is this important?  Using packaging waste from landfills results in the elimination 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills and 248 pounds of greenhouse gas with just One Get Clean Kit!  Passing on one Get Clean kit to a friend is the equivalent of planting 10 trees!

* Based on comparing number of uses as set forth on product labels of conventional, ready-to-use cleaners.

Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit

Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit

Visit the Shaklee website to purchase non-toxic, natural Get Clean® products.

Win a Shaklee Mini Household Kit! – Congratulations to the winner, Kelly T.!

We are giving one lucky reader a Shaklee Mini Household Kit {$46.95 retail value}.

To enter the giveaway look under your kitchen sink to see if you find any of these ingredients in your cleaning products: kerosene, phenols, cresol, lye, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid, petroleum distillates, ammonia, sodium hydroxide, butyl cellosolve, phosphoric acid, formaldehyde, chlorine bleach, morpholine, and phthalates?  Tell us which ingredients you found under your sink and why you need a green cleaning makeover, in the comments below then click the green “Do It” button to submit your entry and earn extra entries!

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