iMommy iPad and iPhone App Review
iMommy iPad and iPhone App Review

iMommy iPad and iPhone App Review

by Alicia in iPad, New posts

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Does your child love playing with baby dolls or pets? Then he/she will love the iMommy app.  My daughter has been playing with iMommy today and she loves it.  When we launched the app for the first time, my daughter got to choose and customize a baby.  She customized her baby by changing her baby’s eye, hair, and clothing color.  She even got to choose a cute little design for her baby’s outfit!  After her baby was customized she was presented with a scrolling view of the different rooms/areas in which she could play with her baby.

imommy ipad app review

iMommy iOs app for children

iMommy bath time screen

There are six areas where her baby can play, sleep, and eat.  The different rooms/areas rotated across the screen allowing her to tap on the one that she wants to play.

My daughter’s favorite room is the playroom.  There are books and toys for her baby to play with.  She simply drags a toy or book into her baby’s hand or puts it by the baby and watches as her baby reacts with movement and sounds.  She can even tap on the radio in the playroom to play music for her baby.  The baby sounds are adorable.

Bath time is especially fun.  Madelyn enjoys turning the water on and off, giving her baby toys to play with in the bath tub, and cleaning her with soap and shampoo.

When she decides it’s bedtime for her baby, she goes to the nursery screen where her baby is in a crib.  She can tap on a teddy bear to have her baby snuggle with the teddy and click on a crib icon to rock the baby’s crib.  The lights turn on and off with the tap of a light switch.

Here is a brief video of my daughter playing with iMommy for the first time:


About iMommy
Kathy Shimmield, the genius creator of iMommy developed this game with her children in mind.  Her two youngest were especially interested in playing ‘Mom’ and it occurred to her that such a universal game as ‘pretend’ parental play, would translate into a great app.  Kathy searched the app store and was genuinely surprised to find no apps that addressed this type of imaginative play for younger children.  It took many months of research, learning as she went and focus but eventually ‘iMommy’ was born!
This game is ideal for kids ages 2-10 but is suitable for any age.  The focus of the game is to design and interact with your baby, the player can choose 4 different ethnicities of baby then they can change their babies hair, eye or outfit color. It’s up to them to take care of their baby and learn what makes the baby happy and what upsets the baby.  They have to feed, play, bathe and even change babies diaper!

iTunes rated TOP 100 in family category and I’m sure it will hit to 10 soon!

iMommy is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Download iMommy today and let the fun begin!

Alicia Hagan, Editor

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