How to Manage Your Time Online: 5 Tools To Stay on Task
How to Manage Your Time Online: 5 Tools To Stay on Task

How to Manage Your Time Online: 5 Tools To Stay on Task

by Alicia on March 22, 2012 in Mommy Bloggers, Organization

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How to Manage Your Time Online: 5 Tools To Stay on Task



Signing online and staying on-task can be a proper productivity-killer—if you aren’t pro-active, that is. Online games, video chats, viral memes. If it isn’t your friend link-clogging your Google+ stream, then it’s a major news outlet’s latest sponsored article about the top 10 worst dressed celebrities. Showbiz gossip, comment trolls, Twitter hashtags—if it’s an escape you’re seeking, the Internet can be a shifting funhouse of existential ennui.

So when it comes to getting work done, staying on point can be an uphill battle. Fear not: we’ve rounded up our favorite online time management tools—from time trackers and to-do list makers, to social network consolidators—in order to make your time online as effective as possible. Because, let’s face it: watching that talking dolphin YouTube video just feels better when you can watch it without the nagging thought of work lingering in the back of your mind:

1. RescueTime
It’s hard to ignore a tool that touts saving the average user 3 hours and 54 minutes worth of productive time per week! All right, when we looked into RescueTime, we might have had some ulterior motives. Four more hours of productive time every week?! Think of the dent I could make in that fledgling novel! So yes, I jumped on the chance to try out this tool that’s been heralded by venerable outposts like The New York Times, NPR, and The Wall Street Journal.  This tool definitely lives up to the hype: you can block procrastination sites from your reach, track your time, plan your projects, and set specific bouts of time to work on particular tasks. Highly recommended for regaining productivity time online.

2.’s mobile app
If you’re anything like us, the majority of time spent procrastinating online is unquestionably credited to social network use. Thankfully,’s mobile app—which recently won the 2012 MediaPost Appy Awards—is committed to helping you stay focused on the go. MyLife’s app incorporates the social site’s Personal Relationship Manager, which allows users to access multiple social networking sites all at once. Do you feel like you’re always juggling between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, personal e-mail and more? This app lets users consolidate their time on social networks by showing you who’s commenting, friending, chatting, and updating across all of your favorite networks. Our tip: if you’re looking to seriously cut back on wasting time at work, stay away from checking social sites on your desktop or laptop and, instead, check in every 1.5-2 hours via MyLife’s mobile app. The result: less time wasted idling on social sites and more time being, you know, productive.

3. LeechBlock
LeechBlock is an add on for Firefox blocks any ‘time-wasting sites’ that might be deterring you from getting your work done. Simply input time-sink websites (ahem: Facebook), and tell the app when you’re most likely to procrastinate (ie: promptly after lunch). It’s a great way to stay on the ball at work and to ensure you spend less time Facebook-stalking and more time getting stuff done.

4. ToDoist
This tool’s mantra is “Get Things Done With ToDoist,” so we were more than happy to take it up on the offer. After all, who doesn’t have a revolving, endless list of things to do floating around in their head—or, in my case, on little Post-Its everywhere? Cue ToDoist: this task-manager makes the act of getting things done practically effortless—especially if you’re someone for whom remembering is more than half the battle. This helpful to-do list manager integrates with your e-mail, follows you across various Internet browsers, and helps you organize difficult or multi-part projects. ToDoist is a great resource for anyone who wants to go from ‘to do,’ to ‘done.’

5. Nirvana
Nirvana’s motto? “Spend less time managing your projects and tasks and more time doing them.” Who hasn’t spent hours setting up an intricate system of Google Calendar reminders or embarked on a note-taking system that ultimately just didn’t work? The folks over at Nirvana understand. Recommended by Lifehacker and Technorati, this tool helps you set your goals, organize your projects, and get them done efficiently. And whether it’s category tagging, prioritizing, or creating a ‘waiting for’ list, you can export all of your organizational efforts in no time flat. For organizer enthusiasts, we think Nirvana is nothing short of revolutionary.

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