Mia Bossi Reese Blueberry diaper bag review
Mia Bossi Reese Blueberry diaper bag review

Conquer the ‘Style or Function’ Debate with Mia Bossi Diaper Bags

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Mia Bossi diaper bags allow new moms to conquer the ‘style or function’ debate.

The Mia Bossi Reese Blueberry is a fabulous messenger style diaper bag that will hold all of your mom-essentials.  You can double loop the strap through the rings on the site to wear as a shoulder bag.  While I don’t need a diaper bag anymore because my

Mia Bossi Reese Blueberry diaper bag

Here I am using the Mia Bossi bag at Blissdom to carry my laptop and more.

daughter is 5 years old, I use my Mia Bossi bags for travel and work.  Mia Bossi diaper bags can double as a purse and a laptop case making it perfect for moms as they transition out of the diaper toting years.  The lining actually zips in and out making it a breeze to clean.  I highly recommend that you get the additional insert for your laptop.

The Reese Blueberry helps keep busy moms organized with the many pockets inside and out.  I HAVE to have pockets on the outside of my handbags.  The outside pockets on this bag are perfect for holding things like your cell phone, camera, and hand sanitizer.


Features of the Reese Blueberry bag:

  • Machine washable faux fur changing pad
  • Zip-in and zip-out inside lining – Love, love, love this! Easy to clean.
  • Cell phone holder
  • Two exterior bottle holders – These are a perfect location for your cell phone and compact camera.
  • One interior bottle holder – Also great for a water bottle
  • One private zippered pocket
  • Keychain holder
  • Diaper holder
  • Baby wipe holder
Mia Bossi Reese Blueberry diaper bag review

Take a look at all of the celebrity moms who have been seen with Mia Bossi diaper bags here!

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