T-Mobile Focuses on Family Features and Safety
T-Mobile Focuses on Family Features and Safety

T-Mobile Focuses on Family Features and Safety

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I recently attended a great get together at a local T-Mobile store where I learned all about T-Mobile’s selection of phones, tablets, and family safety services.

For many individuals and families cell phones have completely replaced land lines. They’re more convenient, allowing the caller to reach who they want to speak to directly, and include additional features that make them useful such as texting and web browsing. With T-Mobile, you have access to a multitude of different phones and tablets that are designed to meet your needs.


With myTouch by LG, you get 4G speeds on a phone that runs the Android operating system and provides easy access to social networking, calling and applications. The myTouch Q also features a slide-out keyboard for faster typing speeds.

Another phone that is available, in white, is the HTC Radar 4G with the Windows phone 7.5 operating system. It also includes both HTC Watch and T-Mobile TV to view television and movies while on-the-go. It also features a 1 Ghz processor and 5.0 MP camera.

Third, but definitely not last, is the T-Mobile G-Slate tablet powered by Android 3.0. With its focus on high-definition quality, you can play games, view magazines and books, browse the web and even watch movies in 3D on the 8.9″ touch screen.

T-Mobile is a family friendly provider and offers services that give you peace of mind and help keep your children safe. Web Guard is an add-on feature that prevents children from accessing adult-themed websites and is provided free of charge on any line. If your teen is driving, you can also prevent them from receiving calls or texting while driving with the DriveSmart app. It automatically detects when the vehicle is in motion and sends the calls to voicemail so the phone cannot be used.

FamilyWhere is a tracking service that T-Mobile offers. It allows parents the ability to receive real-time information about where members of their family are. They can also create alerts that automatically detect where someone is at a specific time, which allows parents to know when their child arrives at school or home to ensure that they made it safely.

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