An Education Is Invaluable – Upromise Makes It Achievable
An Education Is Invaluable - Upromise Makes It Achievable

An Education Is Invaluable – Upromise Makes It Achievable

by Alicia in Brand Ambassador, Education

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upromise college savings ambassadorThe importance of receiving a quality education cannot be measured specifically in dollars and cents. While many people have price limits on products and services they purchase, the return on investment in obtaining a degree from a credited university far outweighs financial costs associated with reaching that goal.  It is estimated that over an adult’s working life those with bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees earn more in salary than adults with high school diplomas, approximately $1 million and $1.4 million in additional income respectively. Individuals with doctorate degrees and professional degrees command significantly higher earnings potential as well.

The dilemma many prospective students encounter, however, is obtaining the funds required to finance their college education. Over time, the annual cost of attending college has increased considerably as tuition has risen by nearly eight percent each year. Can you believe that.. 8%!  Although scholarships and financial aid are available, few applicants are accepted, leaving a majority of people unable to advance their academic development. Parents that desire to provide their children with a better future by sending them to a respected college often experience a greater financial struggle than the students. Either poor planning, job displacement or other unforeseen events have created the inability for parents to afford college tuition.

Upromise provides a program that assists individuals in realizing their goal of higher education. While many financial institutions promote savings and investment plans, Upromise offers parents the ability to build their children’s college fund through a unique and simple process. Upromise provides participants the option to accrue funds by accessing their purchasing power.

Shopping online or at grocery stores, dining at restaurants, or purchasing particular items through the use of available coupons enables participants to earn a percentage of money spent. Money is deposited into an account to be applied towards future educational costs. Additionally, family and friends can assist in the program simply by what they purchase. With over 800 online stores, 8,000 restaurants and thousands of grocery and drug stores, saving for college has never been easier. It’s never too early to start!

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Disclosure: I am a paid upromise college savings ambassador.  All opinions are 100% my own and were not influenced in any way.


Alicia Hagan, Editor

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