Moon Dough Push n’ Pop Breakfast Review – Improved Formula!
Moon Dough improved formula

Review: Moon Dough™ Push n’ Pop Breakfast – Improved Formula!

by Alicia in Age 5-7, New posts, Toys

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Moon Dough - new and improved

Moon Dough Breakfast Push n' Pop Play Set

My 5 year old loves to play with Moon Dough™.  We reviewed the Moon Dough™ Barn play set a year ago and still plays with it.   The new, improved Moon Dough™ is easier to clean up, will never dry out, and is wheat-free and hypo-allergenic.

If you are not familiar with it, Moon Dough™ is a molding compound that is easy for little kids to use and shape as it is light weight and is not sticky and gooey.  The biggest difference with the new Moon Dough™ formula is that it doesn’t crumble.  This makes clean up quick and easy.  When my daughter is finished playing with her Moon Dough™ set, she puts the Moon Dough™ back in the supplied plastic zipper bags and tosses it into her toy basket.

Moon Dough Push n' Pop Breakfast play setThe Moon Dough™ Push n’ Pop Breakfast play set comes with 3 popper molds (waffle, toast, pancake), a play mat, 1 twist mold, and 2 packages of colored Moon Dough™.

What Madelyn says about Moon Dough:

  • I like it
  • And..
  • It’s super soft
  • and it’s easy “ta” use and easy to play with and clean up
  • My mom and me did a video..(deep breath).. and and my mom played with it together
The Push n’ Pop molds are easy for my 5 year old to operate.  Simply push down gently on the mold and it will pop back up itself.  She found the twist mold easy to use to but it took her a few minutes to figure out that she can twist it to get the Moon Dough™ out.  She was trying to dig the Moon Dough™ out, so make sure you tell your child that he/she can simply twist the mold and the Moon Dough should pop right out.
To clean up Moon Dough simply use a small piece of Moon Dough™ and dab up the small loose pieces up and wipe with a dry cloth.
Moon Dough™ is recommended for children 3 and older.
You can buy Moon Dough™ from, Toys R’ Us, WalMart, and Target.  Set prices vary.
Learn more about Moon Dough™ on the Moon Dough™ website
Keep up with the lastest Moon Dough™ news by following Moon Dough™ on Twitter and Facebook.
Disclosure: I was provided with a Moon Dough Push n’ Pop Breakfast play set for review purposes by Team Mom on behalf of Moon Dough™.  My opinions in this review are 100% mine and were not influenced by the company.  I was not compensated for the review and was not required to write a review.
Alicia Hagan, Editor
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