Chasing Fireflies Twitter Party – Wednesday 9/21 9-10pm EST #WishCraft
Chasing Fireflies Halloween and Dress Up Costumes

Chasing Fireflies Twitter Party – Wednesday 9/21 9-10pm EST #WishCraft

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Chasing FirefliesThe Chasing Fireflies Twitter Party Details:

TOPIC –  Halloween Costume and Party Ideas

TIME – Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 9-10 PM Eastern (8-9 PM Central, 7-8 PM Mountain, 6-7 PM Pacific)

HASHTAG – #wishcraft


PANELISTS – @MomSpark, @ChasenFireflies, @MomSparkMedia, @MakobiScribe, @StacieinAtlanta, @TheShoppingMama, @MyFourMonkeys, and @HaleyTweetsToo (follow everyone before the party!)

PRIZES – Six winners will win Chasing Fireflies Gift Cards, ranging from $50 to $100!


What is Chasing Fireflies?

Chasing Fireflies - Queen of Hearts Costume

Chasing Fireflies - Queen of Hearts Costume

I had this grand plan of sitting down with my five year old at a quiet time and place to present her with the Chasing Fireflies catalog from which I would allow her to pick her Halloween Costume for this year.  Well, that didn’t happen.  While I was on the phone with a client, she found the catalog, picked it up and ran outside to the front porch to flip through the pages.  She was in heaven.  She wanted this costume, that costume, that tiara with that costume, those sparkly shoes with the other costume and she really wanted them all right then!
She said “mama, go check the mailbox, maybe they are in there”.
“No, baby.. we have to order a costume and then it will take some time to arrive” I said.

It took her about 30 minutes to narrow her selection down to one costume and since the moment I ordered the costume, she’s asked “is it here yet” about three hundred times.

The costume should arrive tomorrow and I will post photographs of my daughter wearing the costume then!

Chasing Fireflies - Queen of Hearts costume

My daughter wearing her new Chasing Fireflies' Queen of Hearts costume

UPDATE: My daughter’s Queen of Hearts costume arrived today from Chasing Fireflies.   When she saw the bag with the costume inside it, she ran to the couch, laid down, and started kicked her feet and banging her hands into the couch while shaking her head back and forth screaming “I’m so excited, I’m so excited”!  I haven’t seen her that excited in.. forever.  Seriously, she’s NEVER done that before.   So we took the costume out of the garment bag and her little face turned bright red as she held her breath in anticipation.  (She’s really into dress up clothes!)  She put the costume on and hasn’t taken it off since.. it’s been about 2 hours now.  When she saw the neighbors walking their dog a little while ago, she asked me if she could go outside and show the little girl her new costume.  She’s so proud!

Visit and check out their selection of beautiful costumes.  The costumers are a bit on the costly side BUT if your daughter is anything like mine and puts on a dress up outfit right when she gets home from school most days, then you will see your return on investment very quickly, I assure you! 🙂

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