Hummingbird Photographs
Hummingbird photography

Hummingbird Photographs

by Alicia in New posts, Photographs

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I love this time of year in Atlanta.  While I’m not too fond of the 95 degree heat, I love knowing that we will see hummingbirds regularly starting in July.  I put our hummingbird feeders out in early July this year and  it paid off.. with one visiting hummingbird.  After that initial hummingbird visit, I didn’t see another hummingbird for almost three weeks.  This last week however, they’ve been visiting like they own our front porch and I love it!  Yesterday, I had a stand off with a hummingbird or maybe it was telling me thank you for the food. I don’t know but it was a little freaky having a hummingbird hovering about 2 feet in front of my face for good 30-45 seconds.


I majored in photography during my first two years of college and seeing as how I went to college 15 years ago and haven’t pursued photography as a career, I have forgotten 95% of what I learned.  I’ve held onto my love of nature photography though.  Hummingbirds are so fast and tiny making it a challenge to photograph them.  You could say I like the chase.  I don’t have to chase my kids down to photograph them.  I just say “freeze!” or “you’re not getting dinner if you don’t let me photograph you in that outfit” and they’re game.  Hummingbirds are an entirely different story.  I find myself sitting on the front porch stalking them.   I am not one to get excited about much so thank you little hummingbirds for providing me with some happy excitement for a few months a year!

What’s your favorite thing to photograph? Your kids, birds, flowers, buildings?  Please share in the comments below.
Alicia Hagan, Editor


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