Working From Home, Talking on the Phone, All While My 5 Year Old is With Me
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Working From Home, Talking on the Phone, All While My 5 Year Old is With Me

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Work from home and talk on the phoneMy Mom brought my five year old two activity toys this morning.  My mom felt bad because she had planned on taking my daughter hiking this morning at 9:30 but while she (my mom) was on the treadmill this morning, she remembered that she has class and can’t take my daughter hiking after all.  She was going to take my daughter hiking because I have an 11am conference call and she knows that it’s difficult for me to talk on the phone when my daughter is with me.

Despite the fact that she’s five years old she doesn’t seem to understand the concept of not interrupting.  I’ve been telling her for years to not interrupt me while I’m on the phone, she thinks that tapping on my leg repeatedly or asking me a ‘very important’ question isn’t interrupting.

How I’m going to try to get my five year old to not interrupt me while I’m on my conference call today:

  • I will set up a play space for her with the new activities that my mom brought over for her this morning.  The activities involve coloring and easy things that she should be able to do by herself.
  • I am going to make a “No Talking!” sign which I will hold up whenever my daughter looks like she’s going to interrupt me while I’m on the phone.
  • I will talk to her before the phone call and explain to her that she is not to interrupt me and that there will be consequences if she does.  What those consequences are yet, I don’t know.
  • I will probably also reward her if she doesn’t interrupt me at all during the phone call.
Conference and business calls are an almost daily occurrence for me but, either my husband or son are usually here to watch or entertain my daughter while I’m on the phone so that helps and is what makes today’s call a little different.  Neither of them are here so I don’t have anyone to watch her.  I told my mom this morning that she is like a little suction cup.. she’s stuck to me all of the time, so trying to get her to spend 30 minutes doing something by herself will be quite a feat but I know she can do it and I hope to report back to you with good news!

Add Your Tips!

If you work from home and have to talk on the phone for business, how do you keep your child from interrupting your phone conversations?
Alicia Hagan, Editor
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