If “Celebs” Can Do It, Why Can’t I? Losing baby weight after the baby
If “Celebs” Can Do It, Why Can’t I?  Losing baby weight after the baby

If “Celebrity Moms” Can Do It, Why Can’t I? Losing Baby Weight After the Baby

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Celebrity personal trainerWe’ve all seen it.  Supermodel Gisele was back on the runway and looking like she’d never even remotely had that baby bump she was sporting 9 months earlier.  Actress Milla Jovovich gained 70 lbs with her pregnancy and had about four weeks to lose it for her upcoming role in the movie ‘The Perfect Getaway’ and she did it.  Salma Hayek had a beautiful baby girl and within an amazing amount of time she was walking the red carpet in a skin tight outfit looking like she did in her pre-pregnancy days.  The list goes on and people are amazed every time at gorgeous celebrity moms who have babies and within weeks are back in public looking as tight bodied and beautiful as they were the day they announced they were pregnant or before .  But how can they do it?  Really if we thought about it common sense tells us that we are not celebrities with the amenities they have, the funds they have, nor have we ever truly witnessed how these celebs are doing it.  Not to mention their bodies are what are making them the celebs they are.  They have no choice but to get back to being “them” as the press and the fans know and love them.

Why is it that celebrities can seem to lose weight and get those perfect bodies when we “normal” people struggle for months, even years to lose just a few pounds of weight, let alone the entire amount we’ve gained after our pregnancy? Are we really that uncontrolled?  Are we really so horrible and lame that we can’t do what it seems like every celebrity out there can do?  If they can do it, shouldn’t we be able to?  The answer to those questions is a firm and adamant “NO!”  We are not lame, uncontrolled, horrible, or just not strong enough to get back to that pre-baby weight easily.  Simply said, we are not celebrities and we do not have the time, resources, or money to achieve what they can achieve in the amount of time they achieve it.  We are “real” humans.  Let’s break it down.

They make their money because of their bodies and looks. When they don’t have that perfect pre-baby body they are basically “out of work” for the most part.  You and I can gain 10, 20, 30, even 70 pounds and still show up for our jobs 8 weeks later to our former job and receive our regular, although it be much smaller, paychecks.  Celebs that don’t have their bodies don’t have their job offers waiting, plain and simple.

Many celebs choose to have scheduled c-sections to deliver their baby. They choose this for two main reasons; reason one, convenience and scheduling; reason two as soon as the baby is delivered a tummy tuck is performed.  Many doctors argue that this is an unsafe practice and that any additional surgery before your body has the chance to recover from the first surgery (c-section) can be dangerous; while other doctors, mainly those who cater to celebs say it’s perfectly safe.  Then again, we’ve all seen many celeb doctors prescribe medications that have proven to be lethal too haven’t we?

Celebs spend their 6-8 weeks after having their babies much different than the average woman who has just had a baby. While we typical moms are spending those weeks often preparing to go back to work, lining up daycare, preparing bottles or breastfeeding, changing diapers, cleaning the house, doing extra loads of laundry (how many onesies can a baby dirty up!?), walking the baby, waking up with the baby when they’re crying at 3 am and rocking them at 8 am, and so on; but enjoying most every minute of it.

Celebs on the other hand generally spend their 6-8 weeks post-baby time with a professional trainer, plastic surgeon, nanny, nurses, doctors, cleaning staff, waiting staff, and in many cases medications that help them to lose weight and handle stresses, etc.  They pick the baby up and love it and fuss with it and adore it when they want to, when the have the time to and when they’re not busy doing other things.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they don’t love their babies just as much as you and I, but they definitely aren’t inconvenienced by them unless they choose to be.  They don’t have to “fit” a scheduled fitness class that only happens at 11am and 2 pm in between feedings and diaper changes, etc. because if they want to “work out” during those times their paid staff makes sure it happens. Their trainers are there, their chefs prepare their healthy meals, and their doctors give them whatever they need in terms of pain relief, appetite suppressants and whatever else is requested.  They’re life simply is not the real life you and I lead and for that reason alone we need to stop comparing their instant pre-baby body look within weeks to ours which seems to stay the same post-baby look forever.

New baby weightThink of it this way, it took 9 months to grow that little miracle.  Take 9 months to appreciate that miracle and slowly, safely, enjoy taking care of yourself and your baby. Find times for walks in the park or meet new moms at gym classes targeted specifically towards “Losing The Baby Weight” or “Baby and Me” style classes.  Local family gyms are not only affordable but often offer discounts to families who are having financial difficulties, especially now that the new mom’s not working or perhaps has decided not to go back to work.  Do you remember how fast that 9 months went before you were actually having that little miracle?  Okay, perhaps those last 4 weeks or so seemed like forever, but the truth is… that’s how fast their life is going to go by right before your eyes.  Enjoy them and enjoy being with them.  Schedule time for you, but don’t fret that you are not perfect or back to your pre-baby weight and body.  The less you stress about it and the more realistic you are about it, the easier it’s going to come off.  If you approach this as the beginning of another adventure of your life, one with a new child, new experiences, and a chance to start the entire family on a healthy eating trend you’re going to enjoy together.  Long walks after supper, baby in the stroller and enjoying the fresh air is a far better way to spend time; as opposed to allowing your nanny to walk the baby while your fitness instructor gives you one on one instruction on how to tone that tummy quicker.  You won’t remember your instructor’s name in 15 years but you’ll fondly recall every minute you spent with your child.

Having a baby is not a free ticket to not take care of yourself; it’s actually just the opposite.  It’s the biggest and best reason to make a change in lifestyle for the best and become as healthy as you possibly can. But it’s also time to be realistic on yourself and in your comparisons to those who have lives that are nothing like yours and mine.  Sometimes it sounds glamorous to be able to have that 24/7 fitness trainer, chef, maid; but remember that with that glamour comes expectations that often leave you feeling unworthy and empty.  That glamour comes at a cost of losing time with those you love and truly want to be with.  The new celeb moms who are coming back with the pre-baby bodies that are knock out to look at have probably lost precious hours with their babies that they can never have back.  If you ask me, I’ll do a few extra crunches or Pilates classes for a few more months and enjoy those special laughs, smiles and kisses.  I’ll enjoy time with my friends, laughter with the ones I love and working a typical 8-hour day if I have to in order to enjoy the miracle of life I was given the chance to embrace.  Go out and get an outfit that truly fits, so what if it’s a size bigger, you’re still looking like a knock out in it and will feel better.  Share your moments with friends, start scrapbooking together and you’ll be reminded why your life might not be like Jay-Lo’s but it sure is happy.  Fit time for you, for you and your partner, for you and your baby into your schedule and you’ll soon realize that placing someone else in that position where you are isn’t really an option.

Every time you look down and notice a little pouch that you never had, glance over and see that smiling, gurgling little one that’s growing before your eyes.  It’s a small price to pay and one that you can pay off in small steps while enjoying the life of a non-celebrity mom.

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