Cross Pen – The Perfect Father’s Day and/or Graduation Gift
Cross Pen review

A Cross Pen – The Perfect Father’s Day and/or Graduation Gift

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If you are looking for a Father’s Day or Granduation gift that will last a lifetime, a Cross pen is it.  I spoke at a conference about five years ago and received a Cross pen as a ‘thank you’ gift and still have it and use it to this day.  Now I have two beautiful Cross pens and feel spoiled.  What’s the big deal, you ask? When you write with a Cross pen, you won’t miss a beat.  You know how sometimes you’ll be writing and your cheap pen will skip or the ink will clump up on the end of the pen?  That does not happen with a Cross pen.

The weight of Cross pens is perefectly distributed for a comfortable hold resulting in steady, smooth penmanship.  I prefer a narrow pen whereas my husband prefers a wider, heavier, more weighty pen, both of which Cross offers plenty of.  Cross pens are available in Rollerball, Fountain, and Ballpoint writing styles and they offer many different pen styles/designs including sporty, executive, classic, and retro.  I prefer the classic and retro styles.

Cross even has the perfect writing instrument for multi-tasking Moms.. the Tech 3 Frosty Pink Multi-Function pen.  This pen can switch from black ink to red ink to a pencil with the twist of the barrel and all three are sure to product superior results.  I love it! I think I need an engraved Tech 3.

Shop for a Cross pen for the Father and/or Graduation in your life on the Cross website and don’t fret.. refills are available at the Cross website also!


Visit to save 20% on regularly-priced items and get free shipping with coupon code “SHOPCROSS”. For a list of participating offline retailers, visit

Disclosure:  I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by BuzzAgent Juno on behalf of Cross and received a free Cross pen as a thank you for my participation.

Alicia Hagan, Editor

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