8×10 Kodak Photo Books: Buy One, Get One Free June 6-19 – Great Father’s Day Gift!
8x10 Kodak Photo Books: Buy One, Get One Free June 6-19 - Great Father's Day Gift!

8×10 Kodak Photo Books are Buy One, Get One Free June 6-19 – Great Father’s Day Gift!

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Kodak Photo Book

My 11 year old son came home from a one week Boy Scout summer camp Saturday.  Waiting for him on his bed was a Kodak Photo Book that I created from photographs that my father took of the ceremony at camp the night before.  (Side note: my father lives in Florida and drove to the camp the last day my son was there.)
When he saw the photo book on his bed, his jaw dropped and he asked “Mom.. HOW did you do that”!?  He was amazed that I (1) had access to photographs from his summer camp, over 8 hours away and (2) could create a photo book that fast.  Little did he know I didn’t make it by hand and that it took about 20 minutes to create. I created the entire photo book online at the CVS website.  First, I chose a theme, then I chose the photographs I wanted to include in the photo book, the page backgrounds, and typed the captions.  That’s it!

He was so excited to look at the photographs and it was the perfect way for him to tell me all about his week at camp.  Each photograph in the photo book prompted a detailed explanation of what exactly was happening at that moment, who was in the photograph.  Information that I otherwise would never have learned.

Photo Books are a great way to capture and store photograph memories for years to come.  I know my son will keep his Boy Scout Summer Camp photo book forever.  He’s so proud!

Kodak photo book Father's Day special

Father’s Day Special!

From June 6 until June 19, Kodak Picture Kiosks at participating Target and CVS retailers are offering Buy One, Get One FREE 8x10Kodak Photo Books ($19.99 value!) – a perfect gift for Father’s Day!

Take a break from the ties and power tools, and get dad a sentimental gift that he will proudly display on his desk or coffee table. KodakPhoto Books let you pick the perfect pictures, background themes and more and are made right in-store, so it is easy and fast to create a one-of-a kind gift. Once you’ve made one for Dad, make one for Granddad or your uncle too.

Don’t have pictures on you? Kodak’s Socially Connected Kiosks let you pull cherished photos right from your Facebook albums so it is easier than ever before to create a customized photo keepsake.

To find the Kodak Kiosk nearest you, visit: www.Kodak.com/go/Kiosk

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