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Moms In Business Unite Conference - Atlanta, GA

Moms in Business Unite Conference Notes – Just Enough “Geek” To Get You Going with Christie Crowder

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Part 2 – Moms in Business Unite Conference Session 2: Just Enough Geek To Get You Going
Part 1 – Using Technology to Market Your Business


Speaker: Christie Crowder
Twitter: @chatterboxgc

Christie is speaking about tips on how business owners (or aspiring business owners) can choose technology wisely to that it’s used to keep your venture running smooth on the inside and shining like a star on the outside.

It All Starts With You

– Start with technology on your own level
– Keep your internal technology as current as your external technology
– What’s popular might not always be what works – great point!
– Start Simple – stick with gadgets and apps that challenge you but are user-friendly. You can always upgrade.
– Keep it simple. Don’t sign up for every social media network or buy every productivity app.

Be Proactive and Productive with Apps

– Less Errors with Trials. Look for free versions of apps.
– Maximize Multi-Tasking.
– Choose apps that handle more than one task or function simultaneously.
– Look for web and mobile capabilities
– Get a “Wingman” (or woman)
– Have someone you can call on for technical assistance and advice

Don’ts and Do’s

– Ignorance is not bliss
– Do not leave all of your technology operations to one person.
– Don’t go changing trying to please me
– Don’t make unnecessary changes just to keep up with the Jones’
– Don’t be afraid to change
– Don’t panic, it’s supposed to be fun!

My (Christie’s) “Coolest Things” For You and Your Business

– Smartphone
– Tablet
Square credit card reader for iPhone (free)

Notes and Brainstorming Tools and Apps

– Evernote (web, mobile, and desktop applications). All sync together.
– MindNode (Mac app). There are other “mind mapping” apps available.

Operations & Collaboration Tools and Apps

– Google Docs
– Nozbe
– Producteev
– Skype
– Dropbox (online file storage)
– (makes it easy for you to work in groups)

Client Management and Accounting Tools and Apps

– Gist
– Simplifythis
– Wave accounting (free accounting system)
– Outright

Communications and Public Relations Tools and Apps

– MailChimp
– Mad Mimi
– Shout’em
– Wufoo (Christie’s favorite form maker). Can create surveys and forms.
– Pitch Engine. Social media press release.
– QR code maker and reader (free apps available including JumpScan)

Marketing and Social Media Tools and Apps

– Hootsuite
– Facebook
– Trackur
– What the hashtag?
– Seesmic
– Tweetdeck

I hope you enjoy these tips from Christie as much as I have. I will link up to the Tools and Apps mentioned here later, after the conference.


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