Today’s Featured Etsy Item: Angry Birds Ipod or Iphone Case Sleeve
Today's Featured Etsy Item: Angry Birds Ipod or Iphone Case Sleeve

Today’s Featured Etsy Item: Angry Birds iPod or iPhone Case Sleeve

by Alicia in Etsy, iphone

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Angry Birds Ipod or Iphone Case Sleeve

Angry Birds Ipod or Iphone Case Sleeve - $7

I guess I’m sticking with a bird theme for this week’s Featured Etsy Items. I’ve been knitting for about a year now and am pretty proud of my washcloths, coin purse, headband, and baby blanket I made, but boy would I be excited if I could knit an iPhone case.  But you know what?  I think I’d almost rather pay $7 for a handmade knit iPhone case from an artist on Etsy, than go buy the yarn myself, figure out the pattern, and spend the time knitting it.  If you are an Angry Birds addict, this is the iPhone case for you!

About the Artist:

Heather Rivera loves to create whether it be poems, pencil drawings, crochet items or scrapbooking. She just enjoys it and loves to share her ideas and projects with others. There is not a greater feeling than seeing someone enjoy something that you’ve created, says Heather. Heather is am a mom of one beautiful little girl and would love to share her crafts with you!

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