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Atlanta Moms: Wax Hand Art for parties and Fundraisers

by Alicia in Atlanta Moms Edition, New posts

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I received an email from a young man named Bryce this morning telling me about a business that he and his brother Brittan started called The HandStand.  So, what’s the big deal you ask?  The young men are still in high school!  Talk about motivated kids.

It’s the ultimate Party Favor!  Looking for a way to “WOW” the guests at your next event? Wax Hand Art is a fun and creative hands-on activity for children and adults.  Our unique wax hand impressions are fun and unforgettable – EVERYONE at the event will want one.

The fun starts when you dip your hand into our warm, soothing wax to form a colorful, treasured souvenir mold of your hand!  Customers get an exact wax replica of their hand and a great interactive experience.  The special keepsake can be shared with friends and family.  We use only the safest, non-toxic wax, providing a comfortable, soothing experience.  We are dedicated to reliability and safety.

The HandStand, licensed and fully insured, guarantees the highest quality wax as well as professional and courteous employees.

Capable of producing at least 50 hands per hour, we service the entire Metro Atlanta area and parts of North Georgia.  Call us at 770-822-0065 or email to schedule your event.

The Wright Brothers

Brothers – Britton and Bryce Wright are no strangers to managing events.  They worked with their mother to organize school carnivals and other events since they were in elementary school.

The HandStand was started to create a flexible source of income for the entreprenuerial teens since they are involved in so many other activities for school or sports.

From Britton and Bryce

We recognized that we could have a fun way to earn money, support charities and help our friends earn extra money too.  We want The HandStand to provide an entertaining experience for everyone and are dedicated to providing a valuable service and product.

A portion of The HandStand’s proceeds will always be donated to help others.  Their favorite charities are:  their church – Mt. Zion U.M.C., the Red Cross and the Boys and Girls Club.

What Atlanta Moms and The Mommy Insider readers can do:

  • Book a party or fundraiser with The HandStand – be sure to tell them that you learned about them on so they know their marketing efforts are working!
  • Call 770-822-0065 or email to schedule your event.

Way to go guys and wishes you the BEST of luck.  I feel confident that these guys will go far with their idea.  I must also give kuddos to the boys’ mom who has seemingly given her boys great confidence and taught them to have determination, something some parents may not do so well.

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