Adorable organic play clothes at Dadoo Kids
Dadoo Kids organic kids clothing

Adorable organic play clothes for kids at Dadoo Kids

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I’m always on the lookout for cute, comfortable clothes for my kids.  Madelyn, my 4 year old is all about wearing yoga pants and comfy tees.  But a problem arose..  she wants to wear yoga pants and comfy tees to school everyday and we all know that there are only so many pairs of yoga pants and comfy tees available at clothing stores.. and they all look the same – not a great thing when she should look like she’s wearing a different outfit every day.
I see all these little girls at Madelyn’s school, dressed to the 9’s but the kids don’t always look like they’re comfortable. I want Madelyn to look cute AND be comfortable which is why I don’t have a problem with her wearing yoga pants and tees to school most days.  Given that, I was very excited when I learned about Dadoo Kids, an online store offering cute, comfortable organic clothes for babies and kids.  Now Madelyn’s school outfits can be comfortable and cute at the same time!

Dadoo Kids organic tee

Dadoo Kids organic butterfly tee

With two young ones of her own, designer Christine Miller Kelly was inspired to develop a line of playful, modern, and super comfortable children’s clothing that simultaneously celebrates the joy of being a kid (no rush to look like an adult!) and the realities of day-to-day play.

Dadoo Kids lounge pants

Dadoo Kids lounge pants

Dadoo Kids clothing is made with organic cotton and bamboo blends, making the pieces gentle to the touch.. great for sensitive baby skin.

Dadoo Kids designs are fun, unique, and their pieces are true to size.   This means leaner, better fitting clothes for infants and toddlers.

Their lounge pants are knit and have elastic waistbands (no buttons or zippers) making them the ultimate in comfort for your little one.

Because there are no buttons or zippers to fuss with, Dadoo Kids clothing encourages independence with tees, pants, and twirly dresses that are easy for self-dressing, undressing, and going potty.

Check out Dadoo Kids adorable selection of organic cotton and bamboo blend kids clothing.

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