When a downgrade to you is an upgrade to your husband
Ford Mustang

When a downgrade to you is an upgrade to your husband

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My husband traded in his nicely equipped Volvo s60 a couple of weeks ago and got a Ford Mustang.
Huh, you said?  He went from a Volvo to a Ford Mustang?  Yeah.. I said that too but I’ve learned in the last couple of weeks that just because I think the trade from the Volvo to a Ford Mustang was a huge downgrade, he feels very strongly that it wasn’t a downgrade at all, rather the best thing that’s happened to him since the kids were born.

Here are some ‘behind the scenes’ snippets of conversation between Tim and I over the last couple of weeks, since he’s had the Mustang:

Me: Ugh! I can’t see out of the wind sheild (I’m 5″1′)
Tim: I’ll get you a cushion to sit on

Me: There’s not a sunroof? (the Volvo had a sunroof)
Tim: No (short and sweet)

Me: There’s no wood grain (the Volvo had beautiful woodgrain accents)
Tim: No.. but look at these air conditioning controls!

Me: Do the kids have air conditioning vents back there.. it’s 101 degrees!
Tim: No, but the windows go down.

Me: Do you know this car only gets about 16 MPG in the city?
Tim: Do you hear the sound of that engine?

Me: The drivers seat doesn’t have memory settings
Tim: Check out the ambient lighting down there by the door jam.. isn’t that cool?  You can even change the color!

Me: Where do you put your iPhone (there’s not much storage space in the ‘cockpit’ area)
Tim: It doesn’t  matter.. it’s all hands-free
Me: Oh!  Really?  Huh.  (the little voice in my head says “that’s awesome!  I want hands-free talking in my Nissan Quest!”)

Me – when we get home: Why isn’t Madelyn out of the car yet?
Sebastian: Uh Mom.. you need to move the seat up so she can get out.
Me: Oops.. sorry Madelyn

Ok, so there are a few really cool things about the Ford Mustang that I think I’d like to have in my next vehicle including:

  • Hands free phone and ipod control
  • Built in GPS
  • Built in Satellite radio
  • Comfortable seats.
    The seats are more comfortable than in my Nissan Quest which quite frankly are the most uncomfortable seats ever in my opinion.  My Quest is a 2006 though so hopefully the newer Nissan Quests have more comfortable seating in them.

The first time I got in the car and looking around, I was surprised that my husband now owns such a small, no bells & whistles car.  He went from a Volvo with a wood grain accented interior to a plain interior, lost the sunroof, lost the memory seats, lost the rear air conditioning, and lost TWO DOORS!  All of that to me, equates to a downgrade.  However, to my husband, the v6 engine and the fact that it’s a Ford Mustang make up for the lack of the bells and whistles and I’m happy he’s happy with the car.

Your thoughts..

Do you like your spouse’s car?  What’s your next dream car?  I personally am dabbling at the thought of a newer Nissan Quest, a 2011 Honda Odyssey, or a Mercedes M-Class (funny, huh?) when I’m over my Nissan Quest. 😉

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