I’m attending Variety’s Power of Women event in Beverly Hills!
Variety Power of Women event

I’m attending Variety’s Power of Women event in Beverly Hills!

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I am so excited!

Myself and 10 other great women (list coming soon) were selected by Honda to attend Variety’sPower of Women event September 30th.
And to top it off, I’m ‘competing’ (I don’t really like that word) with the 10 other winners to cover the event from the RED CARPET!   The 10 other women who are in the running to be on the red carpet are fantastic so good luck to them and I’ll see you there!
To vote for my essay, the 7th one, (or any of the 10 wonderful essays), visit Honda Odyssey’s Power of Women Facebook page here and click on the ‘VOTE’ link to the right of the essay you want to vote for.  If my essay gets the most votes, I win and cover the event from the red carpet at the Power of Women event – which quite honestly.. I’m not sure that I want to do so vote for my essay if you LOVE it but otherwise, feel free to vote for another essay.

Meanwhile, I’m going to the not-so-hot (as Atlanta) west coast to attend Honda’s Ride N Drive Event later this week and can’t wait to tell you all about it, afterwards.

You can learn more about Variety’s Power Of Women event here.

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