If you need an adrenaline rush.. shop online sample sales
BCBGMAXAZRIA Femme Fatale Medium Satchel on Gilt

If you need an adrenaline rush.. shop online sample sales

by Alicia in Diaper Bags, Handbags & Accessories

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I haven’t even moved from my office chair in two hours and I’m exhausted.
Why am I exhausted?  Blame Gilt and Rue LaLa, two online sample sites that I’ve been glued to for the last couple of hours in hopes of snagging a Francesco Biasia or BCBGMAXAZRIA handbag, ultimately getting the BCBGMAXAZRIA Femme Fatale Medium Satchel, pictured below.  Yay!

In case you aren’t farmiliar with online sample sale sites like Gilt and Rue LaLa, the jist of it is that these sites provide shoppers (aka members) access, by invitation only, to luxury brands at prices up to 70% off retail.  Most online sample sales last 24-36 hours and feature hand selected styles from designers.  The catch is that there are only a select number of each item available so if you see something you like, you’d better put it in your shopping cart right away or you might lose any chance of buying it.. at up to 70% off!
That’s what happened to me in the case of the BCBGMAXAZRIA Femme Fatale Medium Satchel on Gilt.
I saw the bag, knew I liked it, but I didn’t put it in my cart and about 5 minutes later it was not available.  Luck for me, the shopper who had put it in her cart had 8 minutes to buy the handbag before it went back on sale.  I didn’t know when her 8 minutes started so I just hit refresh over and over waiting for the “Wait List” (you can be added to a wait list for items) button change to “Add to Cart” and it did!  What a relief!

I’ve been very happy with my two most used handbags, both Coach, but my favorite Coach bag is missing two pieces, my second favorite Coach handbag is not quite large enough for the trip, and I desperately wanted a black handbag so I went out on a serious and very time consuming search for the perfect handbag. The funny thing is though, I ended up with a tan handbag.

I gave up on The Sak Silverlake Bucket bag I was seriously considering buying because I couldn’t figure out what the true color of the bag was.. as you’ll see in this post.  I am going out of town next Thursday and wanted to find a handbag that could be delivered by Tuesday so please please let this bag be delivered by then!

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