Madelyn really should tell me when she’s going to entertain herself
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Madelyn really should tell me when she’s going to entertain herself for this long

by Alicia in Age 3-5, Personal

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Madelyn's fort in the kitchen

I am so impressed with Madelyn, my 4 year old, right now.
She’s inside a kick @** fort she made in the kitchen, about 5 feet from the table where I’m working today.  Not only did she bring 7 or 8 baby dolls into the fort with her, she brought her favorite pillow pet, a blanket to lay on, a blanket to put on her, and a flashlight.  Right now she’s humming to her baby dolls and whispering to them.  Maybe she’ll fall asleep in there? Wishful thinking.. we have too much to do today anyway.  Madelyn’s been inside the fort for almost 10 minutes now which as you know if you’re a mom of a preschooler, is a long time!

If only Madelyn would tell me ahead of time when she’s going to occupy herself for any period of time, I could maybe get a few more things done around here!  You wouldn’t believe how fast I’m typing right now trying to knock a few important things out while I know I can! 🙂

Madelyn insider her fort with her baby dolls

How long does your preschooler entertain her/himself ?  What does he/she entertain herself by doing most?   Reading, televisions, toys, building forts?

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